Loneliness Increases Chances Of Early Death


Batman has Robin while Han Solo has Chewbacca. The partners do not only save each other’s lives in the face of danger but enables the hero and the side kick live much longer. Recent clinical study suggests that having companions help you live longer and stabilize your emotions.

Being alone most of the time and feeling lonely is not a healthy lifestyle. Researchers proved that loneliness can crawl into the life of an individual like a stabbing knife, increasing the chances of early death by around 30 percent.

Dr. Julianne Holt-Lungstad of Brigham Young University, one of the researchers said that the effects of being alone and feeling lonely should be taken seriously. When you are not happily connected with other people, signs of loneliness creep in. This serious emotional problem will increase early death. The researchers reported that if you are well connected, you have greater chances of living a healthy long life. Another area that people should show concern is when they are surrounded and connected with other people but still feel lonely.

Being alone and feeling isolated and lonely are some of the major factors that was considered upon arriving at the conclusion that most people experience early deaths because of loneliness. One also has to consider in the analysis the age group and the illness or disease carried by the participants. The age of most participants in the review was 66. This research shows that there is still a need to look into the behavior and effect in the younger age group.

Battling loneliness

Despite inconclusive of the effects in other age groups, the research brings light to the benefits of getting connected and having friends around. In a study last 2013 of 3000 breast cancer patients, the research group discovered that women who are socially isolated reported higher rate of breast cancer symptoms.
The research is clear on one thing: having supporting friends and strong social connections will help you live a longer and better life.

People from across the globe take on some unique efforts to avoid loneliness. In restaurants in Finland, Tokyo and Hongkong, stuffed animal companions are a regular sight for diners who do not have human companions.

Why The Insurance Industry Is A Model For Other Brands

Advertisers are currently challenged by millennials when it comes to engaging them in their marketing campaigns since they are always connected. This is why many have recognized that innovative and engaging power of the insurance marketing campaigns that are designed to catch the attention of millennials. An expert from the industry, vice president and industry lead of finance and Yahoo.com, John Piontkowski, shared how other brands can learn from the insurance industry when it comes to reaching this group of audience.

It has been said that millennials have different ways when it comes to brand engagement. A trait that is different from two other generations – baby boomers and gen xers. According to Piontkowski, millennials are the very first consumers of digital technology. This is what makes then different from the other two generations. They are constantly connected and able to consume contents in different gadgets they are using. They do almost everything on their mobile phones such as watching live events and searching for tips when looking for insurance. Brands can take advantage of this opportunity to get in touch with the millennials through their mobile phones.

It is important to keep in mind that contents published should be relevant, authentic as well as optimized for them to view using their mobile devices. Millennials are also known for watching videos online because of the access they have and it is convenient to do so wherever they may be. This is why insurance marketing campaigns make use of video marketing as a strategy to catch their attention.

It only entails that brands should focus more on their digital advertising in order to become relevant and for them to engage with millennials. They can publish more videos, and invest in search adsor do both. It is important for brands to recognize that millennials are very receptive when it comes to advertising that is done digitally. This is the reason why insurance brands have been improving their marketing efforts and are being creative when it comes to their marketing that is based on data about their target audience. Insurance marketing campaigns done digitally should be optimized so that millennials will be able to view them across different devices whether it’s a personal computer, tablet or a mobile phone.

The Canary Islands As An Ideal Option To Escape Harsh Winters

If you want to escape the British winter, your best option is a bareboat charter to enjoy warm weather sailing in the Canary Islands. The Spanish Canary Islands that is off the coast of West Africa boasts of a perfect climate, wonderful scenery and affordable prices. It is the middle of winter but the weather forecast is a promising 22oC plus with ideal sailing winds of Force 3-4 and sunshine throughout the day.

Many of the one-design class world championships are being held in the Canary Islands because the prevailing north-east trade winds are fairly consistent. There are seven sailing islands that include Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro that are within a day’s sail from each other. Aside from the favorable climate, you have a cruising ground that has a spectacular background.

In recent years, the well kept sailing secrets of the Canary Islands have been discovered by foreign yachts. Marinas and harbours have to be improved and excellent facilities installed because most of the visiting sailors use the Canary Islands as the staging post for the Atlantic crossing that is usually a part of a cruising trip.

English is spoken well in the Canary Islands and the locals do not have problems communicating with sailors from the European Union. The big chandlers and yards are experienced at dealing with blue water sailors but sometimes, obtaining spare parts can be a long and complex process. The islands have a different administration and tax status to the EU meaning imports have to pass through the Spanish system, then the Gran Canaria and eventually to where you are in the islands.

Over the last 15 years, many marinas have been built with plenty of berths for visitors and long term moorings at reasonable prices. An additional bonus is the Canary Islands is a duty-free zone.

If your purpose for visiting the Canary Islands is to enjoy a sailing holiday, there is bareboat charter all year round. The bareboat charter is intended for people for people with sailing experience; however, you can hire a skipper who is well experienced and skilled with sailing.

Personalized Word Art, Canvas Pay Tribute To Manchester Victims

Art is a very complex thing whether we like it or not. But, let’s begin by defining what art really is. Art is a wide range of activities which involve the creation of visual, auditory or performing works of art. Art is generally used to express an author’s imaginative or technical skill. Usually, art is created for the purpose of being appreciated by viewers for its unique beauty and emotional power. You see, a work of art can create hundreds of emotions and in fact, it can even push people to believe in certain beliefs that the author is trying to emphasize through his genuine masterpiece. In fact, some of the famous artists around the world are now using their respective specialization to make their point about certain issues that are bothering the society, be known to the majority of the society. Have you seen some of the murals that were popping out in public places all of a sudden? That’s a unique way of protesting by using art such as personalized word art which can be very powerful especially if the issue being tackled down by the artistic work is something that affects people on a daily basis. Art can be used to show full support or to condemn an action that was done by someone like US President Donald Trump for example.

After the bombing at Manchester in England that unfortunately killed 22 innocent people who were only enjoying the concert of Ariana Grande, a collection of personalized word art- created by ordinary people, candles, mementoes and even hand-written messages were moved from the steps of the town hall to the two glass cabinets that were placed at the foyer of the Bolton Central Library and Museum. The said move was a show of support to the families of the victims especially those who lost their loved ones during the attack and equally, to condemn the said devastating bombing which first and foremost, affected Ms. Grande herself which made her cancelled some of her scheduled concerts. According to the people behind the tribute, they want to preserve every single feeling and emotion that people had during the horrible night. Among those that were put on display was a canvas art that was produced by 14 year-old Amy Bostock who was miraculously unharmed during the attack.  Her artwork featured honeycomb and bees. This is her way of dealing with the terror that she just experienced at such a young age.

3 Best Qualities Of Hotel Mercure In Sukhumvit

People go on vacation for different reasons. There are those who get on vacation to experience the sights and sounds of a place while there are those who are out to shop or even go on business meetings with partners. Whatever the reason of your travel may be, it is important that you pick a hotel that can easily cater to your needs. Bangkok is one of those cities that can safely be considered a travellers paradise. It has luxurious hotels such as Mercure in Sukhumvit and there are numerous huge shopping malls, night markets and tourists spots for you to enjoy and discover. To find the right hotel, here are some of the hotel features to look for.

Hotel in major location

A hotel can be considered as convenient if it is located right at the heart of Bangkok or the city you are travelling to. Before booking an accommodation at your prospective hotel, make it a point to check its location on the map found at the hotel’s website. Look for a hotel that is located near business establishments, restaurants, bars and other entertainment areas. This way, you no longer have to spend time moving from one point to another to get your desired service or entertainment.

Proximity to transportation hubs

Another point to check in a hotel such asMercure in Sukhumvit is its location. Choose a hotel with easy access to different transportation hubs in the area. Sukhumvitdistrict is accessible from the airport and a few minutewalk to the trainstation and other modes of major transportation in Bangkok.

Located nearcommercial establishments

A hotel that is surrounded by numerous commercial and business establishments such as cafes, bars, restaurants, entertainment centres, huge and world class shopping malls, local markets, business processing centres for communications and others. By booking at a hotel such asMercure in Sukhumvit which is strategically located, you won’t have to worry about not getting what you need because whatever services or products that you require can be had within a few steps.

A Woman Realizes Her Dream Of Becoming A Funeral Director

The job of a funeral director is an enormous responsibility. It is difficult to assist emotional families who are grieving the death of a family member. During the time of distress, the funeral director must be sympathetic and compassionate because families usually face a challenging time. Making funeral arrangements is not a job that can be taken lightly but Kerry Mercer was not discouraged.

Kerry Mercer has always dreamed of becoming a funeral director and this dream was granted when she was hired by Dove Funeral Service in Uttoxeter and JH Grice in Hatton. The 44-year old Kerry is passionate about her unique career choice because she wanted to get rid of the taboo that surrounds death and funerals while assisting families during their most trying moments.

Kerry chose a career as a funeral director because it allows her to help people. She experienced the first family’s bereavement when she was 16. Her grandfather passed away and she watched her grandmother grieving over the loss. It was a very tough time for the family and the funeral director did an amazing job to ease the burden.

Kerry knew at that point that she wanted to become a funeral director so that she can help people, put them at ease and comfort them during the difficult situation. Before becoming a funeral director, Kerry had to undertake training for the job. People would often ask why she chose to become a funeral director and she always gave the same reply; she was seeking for job satisfaction.

A funeral director helps families from the moment they enter the door until the final disposition of the body. In most instances, Kerry has to discuss funeral arrangements and ask the family what they want. She has to deal with all the necessary paperwork including publication of notices on local newspapers.

Funeral Directors in Sydney provide the necessary support when planning the funeral arrangements and dealing with the costs. Every detail is well taken cared off to honour the life of the person that has passed away. Funeral directors also make the effort to provide a peaceful environment where families and friends can grieve for the dearly departed.

Prime Time – A One-Of-A-Kind Pop Art Project WithPrime Ministers As The Subject

No task can be more difficult than creating a one-of-a-kind portrait of sCanada’s prime minister in a unique and highly unusual way to celebrate the 150th birthday of the country and yet Cuban-born artist Julio Ferrer believed it was an honour to be chosen as one of the artists for the art project “Prime Time.”

Ferrer was certainly amazed with the way his career is going because when he became a Canadian, he read so many good things about Canada. He was selected to make a pop art portrait of Dr. Bill Benson because the doctor immediately noticed his talent.

According to Ferrer, Canada opened a new perspective and by travelling, he learned more about the landscape which increased his passion for pop art. Ferrer first settled in Hamilton, Ontario after moving to the country from Cienfuego, Cuba. After a decade, he became a Canadian citizen.

Ferrer is more known for his pop art political style that combines Canadian consumerism with Canadian iconography. He also became known for silkscreen techniques along with the use of oil in painting Cuban cars and images of the historical Hamilton. However, for the Prime time project, he has to draw inspiration from black and white photographs of the prime ministers.

Ferrer also shared with CTV News that the most challenging part was deciding what colours to use in painting the Canadian prime minister when he doesn’t even know the colour of his hair. Nevertheless, this is pop art and he can always improvise. He hopes that Prime Minster Justin Trudeau will come and visit Prime Time which is on display at the Government House in Fredericton until September.

The pop art exhibits will allow the public to view Ferrer’s artistic rendition of Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau including his improvised painting of Sir Robert Borden with a blue moustache and John Diefenbaker with white hair.

Pop Art Prints are considered best sellers when it comes to home décor and personal gifts. You have a wide range of choice from artistic prints that show people in various settings or jaw dropping and eye catching pieces of pop art from the most prominent pop art artists.

Waking Up To An Obstructed View Of The Waters From Your Glass Windows

All too often, the main requirement of most home buyers is the location of the home they are buying. They certainly want to wake up to a good view of the landscape and drink the first cup of coffee while enjoying outstanding waterfront scenery. Enjoyment of a view is further maximized when frameless glass is used on the veranda.

In Bayview marina, a sprawling ground-level residence has been perfectly located in outstanding waterfront location. The property highlights practical elegant living at the same time that it offers privacy and the opportunity to enjoy a pristine view of the waters. The design is sensational with interesting lines that takes advantages of the view of the 37m marina frontage.

According to selling agent Jeremy O’Donoghue of O’Donaghues First National, from the moment you enter the home through formal double door, you will immediately determine the sense of style and sophistication. The ceilings are magnificent with wide open spaces that the family will love to come home to.

The clear glass sliding doors allows a breathtaking view of the marina. You can simply sit and watch the moored yachts and boats that sail by. Off the veranda is a freshwater pool that is isolated with frameless glass fencing. From the magnificent veranda, the family can enjoy an unobstructed view of the waters and enjoy the fresh breeze of Bayview.

The south easterly aspect of the home ensures that there is no afternoon sun while you are relaxing and capturing the fresh breeze. Natural light floods the living area that consists of two separate areas with high ceilings. The home has four spacious bedrooms with a master bedroom that allows a stunning view when you wake u. The home also features airconditioning but sometimes it is not necessary because of the fresh breeze that flows inside through the glass windows, doors and open veranda.

Frameless glass can be used for different applications that include balustrades, shower doors and pool fencing. There are glass suppliers near me that can provide you with your glass needs for the home or the office. A range of glass products are also available from custom-cut windows, mirrors, splashbacks and tabletops.