Loneliness Increases Chances Of Early Death


Batman has Robin while Han Solo has Chewbacca. The partners do not only save each other’s lives in the face of danger but enables the hero and the side kick live much longer. Recent clinical study suggests that having companions help you live longer and stabilize your emotions.

Being alone most of the time and feeling lonely is not a healthy lifestyle. Researchers proved that loneliness can crawl into the life of an individual like a stabbing knife, increasing the chances of early death by around 30 percent.

Dr. Julianne Holt-Lungstad of Brigham Young University, one of the researchers said that the effects of being alone and feeling lonely should be taken seriously. When you are not happily connected with other people, signs of loneliness creep in. This serious emotional problem will increase early death. The researchers reported that if you are well connected, you have greater chances of living a healthy long life. Another area that people should show concern is when they are surrounded and connected with other people but still feel lonely.

Being alone and feeling isolated and lonely are some of the major factors that was considered upon arriving at the conclusion that most people experience early deaths because of loneliness. One also has to consider in the analysis the age group and the illness or disease carried by the participants. The age of most participants in the review was 66. This research shows that there is still a need to look into the behavior and effect in the younger age group.

Battling loneliness

Despite inconclusive of the effects in other age groups, the research brings light to the benefits of getting connected and having friends around. In a study last 2013 of 3000 breast cancer patients, the research group discovered that women who are socially isolated reported higher rate of breast cancer symptoms.
The research is clear on one thing: having supporting friends and strong social connections will help you live a longer and better life.

People from across the globe take on some unique efforts to avoid loneliness. In restaurants in Finland, Tokyo and Hongkong, stuffed animal companions are a regular sight for diners who do not have human companions.

Improving A Home’s Energy Efficiency For Less Than $50

Most people are now into recycling and some have gone ahead to change into water saving shower heads. Others have exerted efforts to be more energy efficient by installing solar panels in their homes. However, not everyone can afford a solar panel. A few simple tricks that cost less than $50 can make a difference in a home’s energy efficiency.

  • The biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions are heating water for the shower and laundry. According to Anne Martinelli of Environment Victoria, you should set the temperature of the water heating system at exactly 60 degrees Celsius to cut down on emissions, save on energy bills and prevent the growth of harmful Legionella bacteria. For continuous hot water systems, temperature must be set at 50 degrees Celsius.
  • In Australia, a land of extreme temperatures, the cheapest option to cut down on emissions and energy consumption is through DIY insulation. It is important to seal all holes and gaps with draft sealing tape. Martinelli also suggests “zoning of living room spaces” meaning sealing off the rooms the where the family spends most of their time and where heating and cooling is located. If there are no doors, heavy drapes and curtains can be used on the doorway so that heat will not trickle on unused rooms.
  • The methane produced by landfills is 25 times more toxic than the fumes emitted by your car. To prevent food waste going to the landfills, make use of the old fashioned compost pit. Put all food waste into the heap including lawn clippings and dried leaves.
  • Solar down-lights can be pricey. A more inexpensive option is good quality Nokero solar light bulbs that can be charged under the sun during the day to provide at least 6 hours of light at night.

Open concept design is the current trend in bathrooms because it allows a limited amount of bathroom space to appear larger. The installation of frameless glass shower screens makes the bathroom look airy, open and full of sunlight. A frameless glass shower screen can immediately change the ambiance of your bathroom to look more luxurious and stylish.

Bogota: Revel In South America’s Rich Culture And History

If you’re looking to travel in South America, know that it is steeped in history with fabulous tales of the ingenious Incas, the powerful Tiawanaku, and other cultures that await you. In order to properly experience South America’s culture & history, you’ll have to be guided through the history of South American peoples, from its pre-Colombian roots to the great Inca Empire, up to the Spanish colonial and Brazilian Imperial era. South America is home to some of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites which will take you back in time to the days when water deities were worshipped by the Nazca people, where the South Chilean’ Mapuche and Patagons tribe ruled the Southern Cone, which comprised of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Southern Brazil and sometimes Paraguay.

One of the historical places to visit in South America would be Bogota, the capital of Colombia. It is recommended to visit a historic centre known as La Candelaria, which is a neighbourhood of great architectural and cultural heritage boasting old and large Spanish colonial buildings with iron windows, featuring thick and sturdy wooden doors, balconies and internal patios with hidden gardens. In Bogota, one has to visit the Plaza de Bolivar, where the statue of the great liberator Simon Bolivar is located. Pay homage to the man who was a Venezuelan military and political leader, key in leading the establishment of Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama as sovereign states, independent from the Spanish rule at the time.

On the eastern side of the plaza, sits the Cathedral which is constructed on the remains of the first church built in Bogotá in 1539. Houses then host an important collection of religious artefacts such as textiles and artwork from over four centuries. Not forgetting The Capitol, which was built between 1847 and 1926, shows its renaissance and neoclassical influences showcasing its carved stonework and tall columns. You should also visit the Museo Botero, a colonial house filled with works of art done by and donated by Fernando Botero. It is home to artwork from his own personal collection by Picasso, Renoir, Dalí Matisse, Monet and Giacometti, all renowned artists of their time. Another museum not to be missed is the Museo del Oro which exhibits some 32,000 pieces of gold, 20,000 stones, ceramics and textiles precious to the Quimbaya, Calima, Tayrona, Sinu, Muisca, Tolima, Tumaco and Magdalena cultures. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s in Bogota.

At the end of your trip, you’d be sure to have a deeper sense of appreciation of South America’s rich cultural beauty, including its colonial history, impressive structures and spiritual traditions. If you are planning on a holiday to South America, the best South America Tour is one with tailor-made experience and yet, amazing value for money.

How To Find The Best Chicken Wings In Beach Road

When you travel to a different country, most often than not, you would want to try the local cuisine and delicacies. However, there would be a time when you would look for food that you have been accustomed to eating like chicken wings in Beach Road. After you have tried the local dishes, you might want to look for the best tasting chicken wings along Beach Road. If you do, here are some ways to get to the best chicken wings in town.

Use online maps

You’d be surprised at how handy an online map is especially when you get to a different country where you are not familiar with the streets or routes. If you are going to travel to another country, make sure that your mobile phone has a map application to easily find transportation hubs and the nearby places or restaurants that you can visit. If you do not have a map app on your phone, you can visit the local library for local maps or better yet, get yourself a map at travel agencies. Some local maps can also be found at the airport as a way to help tourists in the area.

Ask the locals

One of the best sources of information for chicken wings in Beach Road is the locals. If you are not sure where to go to find crispy or hot and spicy chicken wings, ask the locals for they know where exactly you can find what you are looking for. You can also check on online reviews by third party sites or discussion boards found over the internet for customer recommendation.

Take a tour along the area

If you want to fully explore the area, walk as far as you can to check local stores, nearby sites and tourist attractions, landmarks and of course, the local source of chicken wings in beach road. If you are not in a hurry, stroll along the streets of Beach Road and see where you can find deeply fried chicken along the area. If you are lucky, you might even stumble upon a good sports bar that offers not only chicken wings but tasty spare ribs too.

The Impact Of US Travel Restrictions On New York Tourism

The City of New York is the top international tourist destination in the United States but it seems that the city will experience the first dip in foreign visitor’s arrivals since the recession. Trump’s travel restrictions has created a chilling effect for many international travellers regardless if they belong to the countries where a travel ban was imposed.

Based on the projections of NYC & Company, New York’s tourism arm, there will be 300,000 fewer international visitors for 2017 compared to the previous year. This will be the first time that international tourist arrivals will drop since 2008. Aside from the temporary travel ban against some Muslim-majority countries, there is also news regarding the building of a wall on the Mexican border.

Last Monday, the Trump administration has reissued the temporary travel ban but this time, Iraq is no longer included. When news came out that new restrictions will be coming, reservations fell by 4% with the biggest drop coming from potential travellers from the Middle East, Africa and Europe. When the courts intervened to stay enforcement of the travel ban during the first week of February, reservations rebounded.

According to Olivier Jager, CEO of ForwardKeys, the US on-off travel ban is creating a roller coaster ride for the travel industry. Meanwhile, flight comparison app Hopper revealed that searches for US as an international destination was at its lowest on the day that the initial travel restrictions were announced. Compared to the level during the last two weeks of President Obama in the White House, searches plunged by 17%.

The largest decline was seen in flight search demand and corresponds to the date when the US travel restrictions dominated the front pages of newspapers. While Americans still visit New York they cannot offset the revenue coming from foreign tourism that roughly make up 20% of New York’s visitors.

If you have travel plans, one of your best options is Thailand where you get more value for the dollar. You can spend your holiday at spa resort in Phuket for relaxation and de-stressing. The view from your window is magnificent unlike anything you have experienced during your travels.

A Glimpse Of Myanmar Via The Circle Line Train

If you didn’t already know, there is a circular train in Yangon that you can hop aboard for an authentic experience of Yangon city and its suburbs at only USD1. With the option of traveling with a knowledgeable local guide, this train allows you the chance to witness the daily ongoings in the former capital of Myanmar (Burma) as it passes through suburban districts which are rarely visited by tourists. While on the 28-mile circular route, you can disembark to experience lively markets, vibrantly colourful shops and Buddhist sites.

If you are staying in a service apartment in Myanmar, locating the Circle Line train in Yangon city station should be fairly easy. This circular train has 39 stations with a loop that connects several towns and suburban neighbourhoods which stops at each and every station for a minute or two, allowing people to get on board with only seconds to spare. If you have a local guide with you, they can possibly show you some hidden gems along your route that would otherwise be difficult to locate if you’re on your own. Not to mention, you could ask about unfamiliar sights and customs and know a little bit more about this humble country.

The entire route takes about three hours, and you won’t regret seeing a genuine experience of Yangon. There are several local attractions to explore which you can hop off at the following stops:

  1. Da Nyin Gone Station – Check out the food stalls, while interacting with the locals and witness their daily routine. Try out some local cuisines and purchase refreshments from one of the roadside vendors to make your experience a truly unique one.
  2. Yangon’s downtown – Stop for a stroll around Little India and Chinatown, which represents two distinctive Yangon neighbourhoods. Enjoy the sights or pop by into a local shop for a cup of tea on the street corner while watching the world go by.

At the end of your tour, you’d be sure to have a deeper sense of appreciation of Yangon’s rich cultural beauty, including its colonial history, impressive structures and spiritual traditions. If you are planning on a holiday to Myanmar, the best service apartment in Myanmar are ones with full-services, equipped with kitchen, lounge and dining area; furnished with modern amenities. There is comfort when a hotel offers a cozy ambience complemented with hospitable service and personal while not forgetting exclusive facilities.

Pachyderm Papers Show Irregularities According To Authorities

Those staying in their beachfront resort in Hua Hin, can enjoy the beachtown’s many attractions, including animal shows.

However, an issue has risen regarding two elephants from the Hua Hin Tique animal show, performing in Prachuap Khiri Khan. A taskforce set up by the Thailand Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP); the Phaya Suea or “Tiger King”, ran an inspection of the Hua Hin show and found issues with the documents regarding the origins of two domesticated elephants; one named TG and the other named Koh Phaya Petch, which were then seized by the taskforce.

The department cross-checked the elephants’ DNA with the state database of elephant DNA. This course of action was undertaken based on sound scientific principles and procedures and due to statements and arguments put forward by the show runners. While investigations proceed, the two pachyderms are confined to the local zoo.

Last September, further background checks on the elephants and their documentation showed a strange irregularity; both of them were already registered. This alternate registration, made on the 30th of June, stated the elephants are being held in the Sai Yok district in Kanchanaburi. This registration occurred without the proper authorities being notified.

The taskforce, Phaya Suea, returned to the Hua Hin animal show last December, only to discover that the elephants were taken and relocated without their knowledge, to Ayutthaya province, specifically in Royal Krall. Strangely, the Prachuap Khiri Khan’s local livestock office were told of this move by the animal’s owners.

In order to solve the problem, the elephants were made to undergo another round of DNA testing and cross-checks with the Thai elephant DNA database to ensure the veracity of their origin documents. According to the Phaya Suea chief, Chaiwat Limlikhit-aksorn, the data proved that TG was indeed from the Hua Hin animal show. The same tests were ran with Koh Phaya Petch, with similar results. Further tests, these ones made to ensure that their documented relations were, in fact true, the documented relations, save one; Koh Phaya Petch to his “mother”, Pooky, were discovered as false.

Further investigations are being continued, whilst the elephants are confined for the time being. The taskforce’s recent vigilance were brought upon when, earlier this year, an animal graveyard was located in a temple not far from an elephant show’s location. There have been suspicions that the elephants that are involved in this issue might have been registered using names of elephants that were already deceased.

Nevertheless, other animal shows continue to proceed, and that beachfront resort in Hua Hin will not be lacking for nearby entertainment.

Manuka Honey: Perth Company Plants Trees For Prospect

Trees are important, to say the least. They have, and will continue to do so, provided numerous important resources and, consequently, industry to mankind everywhere. So it’s not surprising that a lot of foliage-based products and industries are thriving today. Perth tree services, for example, is quite notable today.

A good example of such plant-based profit is manuka honey, a highly demanded and highly valued product acquired from a New Zealand native species; the manuka or Leptospermum scoparium. The honey has myriad of uses ranging from simple sweetener to special supplement with some notable famous figures speaking highly of it. The honey is quite expensive, costing at least $40/kilo, with some more expensive batches going up to $100/kilo in price. As a result of its value, researchers in Australia have been looking at the possibility of having Australian tea tree species being used as a surrogate in producing the valued product.

However, a group in Perth believe that the best course of action was to simply create the product from the original source; the New Zealand manuka, by growing the plants in Australian soil. One of the group’s members, a businessman by the name of Paul Callander, imported from the northern isles of New Zealand, some manuka seeds to be grown in Western Australia.

The seeds are to be planted by Mr. Callander and his colleagues southwest of the state, in a nursery in Manjimup. Estimates state there are to be around 1 million trees, to be planted around June. Mr. Callander has pointed out the potential of a manuka industry in Western Australia, should the requirements necessary for the en-masse growing of the New Zealand native species be discovered.

The trials will be arduous, according to Mr. Callander. Who stated that there is a lot of work to be done with regards to this prospect. To that end he has partnered with universities, apiarists, and other experts to ensure the proper conditions for this daring venture. The process will, undoubtedly, require a considerable amount of time, but if done right, it will pay off in future dividends.

Mr. Callander, his colleagues and their partners, the apiarists especially, have expressed their enthusiasm for this project, but what of those that provide Perth tree services, and those that seek out manuka honey?