Loneliness Increases Chances Of Early Death


Batman has Robin while Han Solo has Chewbacca. The partners do not only save each other’s lives in the face of danger but enables the hero and the side kick live much longer. Recent clinical study suggests that having companions help you live longer and stabilize your emotions.

Being alone most of the time and feeling lonely is not a healthy lifestyle. Researchers proved that loneliness can crawl into the life of an individual like a stabbing knife, increasing the chances of early death by around 30 percent.

Dr. Julianne Holt-Lungstad of Brigham Young University, one of the researchers said that the effects of being alone and feeling lonely should be taken seriously. When you are not happily connected with other people, signs of loneliness creep in. This serious emotional problem will increase early death. The researchers reported that if you are well connected, you have greater chances of living a healthy long life. Another area that people should show concern is when they are surrounded and connected with other people but still feel lonely.

Being alone and feeling isolated and lonely are some of the major factors that was considered upon arriving at the conclusion that most people experience early deaths because of loneliness. One also has to consider in the analysis the age group and the illness or disease carried by the participants. The age of most participants in the review was 66. This research shows that there is still a need to look into the behavior and effect in the younger age group.

Battling loneliness

Despite inconclusive of the effects in other age groups, the research brings light to the benefits of getting connected and having friends around. In a study last 2013 of 3000 breast cancer patients, the research group discovered that women who are socially isolated reported higher rate of breast cancer symptoms.
The research is clear on one thing: having supporting friends and strong social connections will help you live a longer and better life.

People from across the globe take on some unique efforts to avoid loneliness. In restaurants in Finland, Tokyo and Hongkong, stuffed animal companions are a regular sight for diners who do not have human companions.

The Disadvantages Of Not Hiring Richards Plumbing Services

Solving different sorts of plumbing problems can definitely get especially if you only rely on your do-it-yourself skills or, you can try on watching some of those online tutorial videos which are made by amateur plumbers to help viewers solve their plumbing problems on their own. Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking things into your own bare hands especially if you don’t have enough money to hire professional plumbers such as the ones that are part of Richards Plumbing Services. To begin with, if you have a plumbing problem and you don’t have the skills and time to fix the problem on your own, then hiring a professional plumbing company such as Richards Plumbing Services is the right thing you can do because you don’t have to do everything on your own. You see, professional plumbers can get the job done as long as they are properly trained and equipped with the right equipment. While hiring professional plumbers can be very much beneficial especially if you have the cash to pay for it, there are also disadvantages whether we like it or not.

Keep in mind that not all plumbing services providers cannot provide the same quality of services that you will get when you hire Richards Plumbing Services. To help you stay informed, below are some of the disadvantages you will endure if you decide to hire plumbing company aside from Richards Plumbing Services:

  • Due to the continuous growth of the number of both amateur and professional plumbing services providers in the world right now, there’s a high possibility that you might hire the wrong company, possibly an unqualified and inexperienced one. Chances are, the quality of the service you will get is compromised and most of the time, they will overcharge you. It’s a big waste of money.
  • When you chance yourself at hiring the wrong company for your plumbing needs, you compromise the safety of you and your family. There are some instances wherein an alleged plumber entered the house of a customer just to steal every goods that have high monetary values. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you?

Capital Controls Over Chinese Outbound Investments Affecting Thai Property Market

There is high demand for homes in Thailand among middle-income Chinese buyers because of the lower cost of real estate compared to Mainland China. Although the Chinese are keen on Thai real estate, they only account for a relatively small portion of the overall Thai market particularly in developments in holiday resorts that include Phuket and Chiang Mai.

In spite of the demand for Thai real estate, a decline in investments can be expected because of the capital controls imposed by Chinese authorities. On the other hand, a growing number of Chinese who cannot afford the high prices of real estate in the Mainland are looking at some Thai real estate. These buyers are not your typical rich ultra-rich but young and moderately wealthy Chinese.

Last year 27% of the visitors to Thailand came from China. They are so far the biggest group of tourists that became interested in the tropical paradise of Asia. They are also interested in investing because of the relatively low cost of Thai housing stock.

According to a recent survey on outbound Chinese investments, it was revealed that Thailand is 5th among the popular choices for real estate investment. Other Chinese investors prefer New Zealand and Hong Kong. A third of the respondents said that they have plans to buy additional Thai property in the next two years.

The problem however is the presence of strict capital controls that will continue until the Chinese government feels comfortable that the Chinese currency is no longer under any significant pressure to weaken.

Based on estimates, Chinese buyers only account for 5% of total real estate sales in Bangkok. Investments are higher by 10% to 20% in the holiday resorts of Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. The demand from Chinese buyers is pushing up the prices of real estate in Pattaya where 10% to15% of sales comes from Chinese buyers.

If you are searching for house for sale Pattaya, your best option is to work with a professional and honest real estate agent who will guide you through the process. It is not easy to find the perfect home in Pattaya but with the services of an expert, the process can be safe and efficient.

Elon Musk – The Master Of Time Management

Elon Musk can be considered as the real superhero. He does not have huge muscles or green skin or a high tech suit of armor but he has real superpowers. All his powers are concentrated on his mind which makes him bold and creative but highly disciplined. He has simultaneously sent rockets to space and revolutionize transportation while finding time for his solar roof projects.

Yes, the superpowers of Elon Musk are legendary because he must either be a workaholic or a master of time management. According to an interview, Musk regularly works for 100 hours a week that is why is he can achieve more than an individual who works only for 40 hours. However, that is only typical modesty on the part of Musk because there are lots of people who work for 100 hours a week and yet they have not accomplished a fraction of what Musk has done.

Musk said that he does not read time management books but if given a chance, he can certainly write a pretty good one. One of the important tips that Musk has shared about time management is how he is constantly improving his practices and how he optimizes the way he gets things done. His best single advice is to constantly think of how you can do things better and questioning yourself.

Musk’s legendary productivity is not a result of time management tips but certain basic principles that are ingrained in his character. One of first principles is thinking. The idea here is not to try remembering lists of a topic but to understand the basic principles behind the topic. If you tell Musk that something just can’t be done, he will ask you what physical laws make it impossible. Surprisingly, Musk still finds time to sleep and have fun with his 5 sons.

There are time management strategies that entrepreneurs and everyday people are utilizing to make a day very productive and fulfilling. Even if people work and function in different ways, the end goal is usually the same – to achieve personal goals and fulfillment. There is time management techniques that will help you perform better and achieve more.

Albert And Logan Rivers Flood, Affected Areas Get Power Cut

With the Albert and Logan rivers having broken its riverbanks recently due to recent onslaught of terrible weather conditions due to Cyclone Debbie, areas surrounding both rivers have now been flooded, leading to considerable property damage to both private and government-owned buildings and infrastructure.

In response to the danger posed by the combination of home wiring and floodwaters, Energex has cut supply to thousands of homes in the northern regions of the Gold Coast, in order to prevent any potential electrical accidents. The outage will affect over 5,700 homes, 4,500 in Logan City, 1,200 across the Gold Coast region.

If any homeowner wishes to have power restored to their homes, they must contact any licensed electrician in Gold Coast, who will then assess the property in order to ensure that reconnecting the house to the power lines will be safe, and will not run the risk of any incidents regarding flood water.

Energex’s Event Manager, Paul Ranbird explained, stating that the power cut is a measure to ensure public safety throughout affected regions. He adds that the cut is an unfortunate, but ultimately necessary evil in order to protect the public from the risk of electrical accidents and save lives.

He elaborates on the procedure, stating that a flooded home, once disconnected from the power lines, will receive identification via a ‘Form 3’ or an ‘Electricity Defect Report’, posted on the property’s dry areas. The owner of the property will then be required to call a licensed, professional electrician in Gold Coast or the surrounding area, who will then go to the property for a complete evaluation, which will assess not only the property itself and its wiring, but also any electrical devices or appliances that may have been affected by the water.

If the property is deemed safe, the electrician will then sign the ‘Form 3’, which will then be passed on to Energex crews, who will then begin the work of restoring power to the affected property.

Mr. Ranbird has asked for the public’s cooperation during this difficult time, stating the Energex is doing all they can to safely restore power to the affected areas. He adds that the public should avoid any power lines, regardless of their condition, connection, or lack of thereof.

How To Schedule Pest Control In Newcastle

The moment you notice that there are pests around your house, call an expert in pest control in Newcastle right away. The task is easy. You just have to know a few things in order to get things right and to find a reliable service provider. The first thing for you to do is identify the type of pest in your house. You will know that there are pests around your house by the signs of damage or consumption on your furniture or wooden fixtures. If you are not sure, you can search on the internet to see indications of termite consumption. The presence of rodents becomes evident by the sound they produce especially at night while roaches generally leave droppings on areas that they roam in.

If you become certain that there are pests in your house, it’s time for you to look for a team of experts in pest control in Newcastle or in your vicinity. You can search online or check the yellow pages to find service providers in the area. By checking online, you will get more information about the company in just a few clicks. You will find out about the company’s offered services, specialization and customer feedback on the quality of service provided by the company.

Request for cost estimates to get an idea how much you are going to spend for the extermination service. Some pest controllers would normally set a schedule to conduct an actual visit in your property to determine the extent of pest damage and the type of pest inhabiting your house. Only hire a professional pest controller with valid license and liability insurance.

After the pest inspection in your property and after looking at different cost estimates, it’s time for you to decide as to which service provider for pest control in Newcastle you are going to hire. Set a schedule for actual pest extermination. Find out from the pest controllers as to what needs to be done for a successful operation. Consider moving your furniture to allow the exterminators to work freely in your area.

Achieving The State Of Healing Through Arts

Human beings have the capacity to change their appearance as often and as many as they desire. They can dye their hair to change its color and they get tattoos and body piercings. They can also buy clothing that will make them appear thinner and they can embellish themselves with expensive accessories and jewelries.

That being said, many of us have internal struggles, joys and fears but it is often masked by our external appearance. Many times, the one who will be able to transform us into a person that radiates outside what is inside are people we don’t know. This is what Heather Aguilera, a local artist, has been up to.

She was a resident of Laguna Beach, California but in 2001, she decided to move to St. Augustine. She gave birth to a son in 2007.

Aguilera has always been artistic and creative thus she used her talent to make some money through face painting. She shared her experience in Miami where she met a body painter and she was attracted to the particular work of art. It was at that moment that she realized that she wants to do just that. She was even more hooked as she started to paint her own face, then her body and eventually tried with her pregnant belly.

For the last 10 years, Aguilera has created various body paintings. She shared how she eventually come to realize that body painting is not just something she loves because of its beauty but because it transformed and healed her at the same time. In the beginning, people might feel shy and exposed to the world but as their body is painted, they eventually feel how liberating and free it is.

The Cultural Center located at Ponte Vedra Beach will be showcasing the works of Aguilera. They will be featuring seven digital large canvas prints at The Art of Healing Exhibition. The exhibit will explore more about art interpretation, art making as well as the arts that can be achieved through music. The exhibit will be available to the public for viewing until the 26th of May.

Major Considerations In Choosing Riviera Residences In Phuket

There are several types of units available in Riviera Residences Phuket. If you are planning to stay in this plush property, make sure that you pick the right accommodation that is suited to your needs. Choosing the right type of unit will enhance your experience and will make your holiday a truly special one. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a unit in the property.

Who are your companions?

The type of individuals and the number of people who will go with you to Phuket has something to do with your choice of resort and even the unit. For instance, there are certain accommodations that are suitable for a family or large group. There are luxury rooms and pool villas that can accommodate a good number of people with extra rooms in every unit while there are also condominiums with 1 or 2 bedrooms that are suitable for couples or small family.

What type of activities will you engage in?

Riviera Residences Phuket is comfortably nestled within a 64,000 sqm private forest reserve where half of it will be left untouched for preservation purposes and to strike a balance between sustainable development and eco-tourism. With this vast expanse, you can engage in numerous activities, both indoors and outdoors. While most, if not all of the units can access the dense Nature and Eco-Adventure Park, there are specific units that offer sea view, garden and pool view. If you love the forest and you want to engage more of outdoor adventure, choose a condominium that has easy access to the forest or access to greens if you love playing golf.  To have a better idea of suitable unit location for you, check the floorplan or the overview of the resort from their website.

Are the reviews and feedback positive?

Before you finalize your decision, make it a point to read customer reviews and feedback from those who had first-hand experience with the resort. Find out what customers have to say about the services of Riviera Residences Phuket including how the food is prepared, how they are served and their taste. The staff and personnel should also be cordial to their guests.