Loneliness Increases Chances Of Early Death


Batman has Robin while Han Solo has Chewbacca. The partners do not only save each other’s lives in the face of danger but enables the hero and the side kick live much longer. Recent clinical study suggests that having companions help you live longer and stabilize your emotions.

Being alone most of the time and feeling lonely is not a healthy lifestyle. Researchers proved that loneliness can crawl into the life of an individual like a stabbing knife, increasing the chances of early death by around 30 percent.

Dr. Julianne Holt-Lungstad of Brigham Young University, one of the researchers said that the effects of being alone and feeling lonely should be taken seriously. When you are not happily connected with other people, signs of loneliness creep in. This serious emotional problem will increase early death. The researchers reported that if you are well connected, you have greater chances of living a healthy long life. Another area that people should show concern is when they are surrounded and connected with other people but still feel lonely.

Being alone and feeling isolated and lonely are some of the major factors that was considered upon arriving at the conclusion that most people experience early deaths because of loneliness. One also has to consider in the analysis the age group and the illness or disease carried by the participants. The age of most participants in the review was 66. This research shows that there is still a need to look into the behavior and effect in the younger age group.

Battling loneliness

Despite inconclusive of the effects in other age groups, the research brings light to the benefits of getting connected and having friends around. In a study last 2013 of 3000 breast cancer patients, the research group discovered that women who are socially isolated reported higher rate of breast cancer symptoms.
The research is clear on one thing: having supporting friends and strong social connections will help you live a longer and better life.

People from across the globe take on some unique efforts to avoid loneliness. In restaurants in Finland, Tokyo and Hongkong, stuffed animal companions are a regular sight for diners who do not have human companions.

Effective Marketing Strategies On How To Improve Insurance Sales

There are different ways on how to improve insurance sales but most of them involve hard work and time investment. Insurance policies are some of the most difficult commodities to sell because it is not an immediate need compared to food, clothing and shelter. For an average earner, one would prioritize food or children’s education over something that he cannot use or enjoy right away. However, there are several benefits of having insurance and one way to encourage a person to get an insurance policy is to make him understand its benefits. To do this, here are some tips:

Send email blasts

Sending email blasts is one effective and economical marketing strategy to catch the attention of your prospects. Send your active email contacts and even your cold leads an email containing your referral reward along with your regular newsletter. In your 100 contacts, for sure there would be at least one or more of them who will respond and that is how to improve insurance sales without spending too much.

Interact on social media

Nowadays, almost all of your clients and prospects are on social media. Take advantage of this by adding them to your page or website. Make it a point to encourage them into participating to your topics and on the articles and sources that you post.

Be proactive

Unless they are in dire need of insurance policy, your targets will not come running to you. You should be the one to find them and present great insurance policies that they would find hard to resist. Engage in discussions and reach out to old leads as they may be interested to get a policy this time around.

Send irresistible quotes

Another effective way on how to improve insurance sales is to offer your prospects with irresistible quotes via email such as highly discounted insurance policies. You can also remove at-fault accidents and cheap quotes. You may also offer incentives and rewards to those who can recommend or refer a potential client to you regardless if they actually purchase a policy or not.

Privileges Offered For Investors’ Support For AyushxPak, Other Infrastructures

In any given industry, the continuous support that is coming from both the national government as well as from the private sector is needed for that specific industry to prosper especially in the long run. Without this support from both sides, the industry won’t survive regardless if it’s the medical industry or the public transport industry. You see, government funding is needed for the tourism industry for example to be able to have a starting power, a start-up in other words. And, additional support, not just financially, from both sides will enable the said industry to blossom and eventually, gain popularity especially among foreigners. Now, the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Thailand has been booming especially during the first half of 2017 when the kingdom recorded a record number of international tourists who arrived to visit and enjoy the beauty and the unique culture of Thailand. In addition to this, Thailand’s brand new medical tourism has been luring more and more tourists into the country just to seek medical attention but also other health service providers such as AyushxPak which is a wellness centre that is primarily known to provide clients with various relaxation and detoxification procedures using Ayurveda- a historical medical system which targets the physical and mental well-being of patients.


Yes, the medical tourism, an emerging brand of tourism in Thailand, has been enjoying success over the past two years but no, tourism officials in the country aren’t stopping to find ways to furthermore develop the said industry. In fact, last month, officials from the Thailand Board of Investment have announced that they are offering more and better privileges for investors who will support the country’s drive for more infrastructure projects such as facilities for centres like AyushxPak which can boost the country’s emerging wellness tourism. Aside from more facilities and amenities which the clients can use, Thailand is also in the process of gunning a 5-year 43 billion US Dollars’ worth of various developmental projects which include expansion of the airports, the construction of new railway systems which will connect the other provinces of the kingdom to the urbanized cities and, development of ports.

International Students In The US Tutored To Improve Their Communication Skills

For an international student in the United States, it is very difficult to understand English slang. This was the topic of conversation during an English tutoring program for international students at the Caldwell Lake George Library.

For example, 16-year old Graceann Bennett who was helping her mother, tutor Michelle Bennett discussed how many expressions exist about chicken like “She running around like a chicken.” Another student Rashad Mayhaddinli, a 20-year old from Azerbaijan expressed his confusion about the expression “all set.” Michelle Bennett said that the expression means complete.

Michelle also translated “I’m shot” as very tired and not a person that has been shot and died. Students are enjoying the English tutoring program but Michelle says that the program also allows her to learn about culture.

Since different group of students arrive for tutoring at various schedules, the tutoring program operates on different time schedules. The studentgains tremendous help with their English communication and there is great improvement with their speaking skills. The tutors teach them passages, vocabulary and word association. However, the program is not all about improving English communication skills because the students also have fun. They play party games like Apples to Apples and Loaded Questions to learn about culture.

Most of the students have visas that allow them to stay in the country for 4 months. For three months, they work and spend one month for sightseeing. Mahyaddinli who is studying for a driver’s license dreams of pursuing a master’s degree in finance or business administration in the United States. Being able to communicate well in the English language will help him realize the dream.

However, there was a time when the program was nearly ended because it ran out of funds. The initial funding for the program was a $1,100 grant from Southern Adirondack Library System. The grant covered materials, textbooks and payment for the English tutors.

If you want to develop your listening, writing, reading and speaking skills in English, your best option is The Smart Tutor, a leading English language institute. You can choose from individual or group lessons including the time you want. There are only 10 students per classroom for better interaction.

Education Grant Given by The Haslam Awards

Bill Haslam, the governor of Tennessee announced that they are awarding development grants as part of the state workforce. There are two recipients and both at institutions under the TCAT or Tennessee College of Applied Technology. The institutions are located in the western part of Tennessee. The award giving body aims to further the opportunities when it comes to higher education such as Dentist in Franklin and to give support to the goal of reaching Drive to 55. When this comes in fruition the number of people residing in Tennessee that posses a certificate or a sort of degree will have increased by 55 per cent when 2025 comes.

The existing program will be expanded by the CDBG or Community Development Block Grants. They are going to create new training schemes to be available at the TCAT-Ripley as well as TCAT located in Covington. These are within communities that always have limited opportunities when it comes to higher education.

The road to education has been greatly improved in Tennessee with the help of a program called Reconnect and Promise. Haslam clarified that in order to do so they must have enough programs as well as training that will be open to all citizens in every corner of the state and not only those who are residing in the urban area.

CDBG funding worth $380,154 was given to TCAT located in Ripley.The funds will be used to buy new equipment that will improve the industrial electricity course that has been afforded the building space in the school. The new equipment will be beneficial in making sure that modern demands during trainings held in Lauderdale County and the neighboring areas are met as well as requirements in the field of mechatronics and industrial electricity.

The TCAT located in Covington, on the other hand, was able to get $3,260,000 of funding from the CDBG funds to create a healthcare training facility that has the latest technology. This will help students who are training to be dDentist in Franklin as well as those residing in Tipton County. Areas where there are lacking skilled healthcare staff will also be prioritized.

Sustainable Foods Summit Comes To Asia: Time ToVisit Lotus House Today

Food, whether it’s vegetables, meat or even dairy products, is probably the only thing that we humans cannot live without aside from the oxygen that enables us to breathe and function properly. You see, food is what we intake on a regular basis not just to fill our stomach but also to be able to get the essential vitamins, minerals and other healthy enzymes  which have different purposes that are helpful to sustain the overall functionality of the parts of the human body. Without the presence of healthy and delicious food, how can we even possibly last a day? We need healthy food to live and survive this adventure that is called life. We need to eat healthy food to be able to perform our everyday duties especially when we are working to be able provide for your personal needs as well as the needs of your family. Nowadays, organic products, including the ones you will see if you visit Lotus House today, are currently making ground, swiftly gaining popularity especially among those who are crazily conscious about what they eat on a daily basis.

Recently, Ecovia Intelligence or formerly known as the Organic Monitor, has announced that it’s taking the Sustainable Foods Summit to Asia. The Asia-Pacific edition of the said summit will hone in on the potentiality of the organic food market like the ones you can readily purchase if you decide to visit Lotus House today, food fraud and authenticity, sustainability of ingredients and, the best practices in food marketing. This summit will be the first of its kind in Asia which is scheduled to take place in Singapore on November 28 to 30 of this year.  One of the main things which the summit will focus on is the use of eco labels and also to encourage stronger sustainability in the food industry especially in the long run. The Asia Pacific region is among those regions where food security is a big problem so the summit is said to begin with updating the industry on continuous sustainability developments, the connection of agriculture and food production to many of the environmental and social issues that the rest of the world is facing and most importantly, the important role Asian food and ingredient firms must play to ensure that food security and sustainability is achieved.

Russian Arrivals Up By 33%: Good News For A 4-Star Hotel In Patong

Thailand has been making noise in the tourism competition as of late. In fact, it has been able to record a record-smashing number of tourists who arrived throughout the country during the first six months of 2017. In fact, some of the major cities such as Bangkok have been included in the list of most-visited cities for the same period of time. In addition to this, the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Thailand has been able to generate billions’ worth of tourism-related revenues that can come from every service providers in the industry such as a 4-star hotel in Patong which can be a great choice of a hotel for vacationists who are planning to visit Patong in Phuket because of the awesome amenities which guests can avail during their stay. In relation to this, verified statistics has shown that vacationists in Thailand spent the highest amount of expenses during their respective vacation to the country. The success of the tourism in the kingdom is now being associated to Thailand’s tourism officials’ continuous work to come up with doable measures that can easily attract more and more tourists to come to the country so that they can see Thailand’s beauty and uniqueness by their very own eyes.

And speaking of the number of tourists arriving to Thailand, the number of Russian vacationists arriving to Thailand this year is expected to go up as high as 33%. This significant rise in the number of Russian visitors can be attributed to the mere fact that the Russian economy has been on the climb by recording a 0.3% economic growth at the end of 2016. In addition to this, the Russian Ruble is now stabilizing and is continuing to perform well against other world currencies including the Baht which allows Russians to be able to buy a higher amount of Baht which they can use for paying a nice accommodation at a 4-star hotel in Patong and other vacation expenses which may come along the way. It has been said that Russians will continue to visit Thailand despite strong competitions from Egypt who is planning to lift the ban of flights from Russia and, Turkey, the other favourite destination of Russian travellers.

The Crazy Phenomenon of Mukbangers

YouTube star Nicholas P. or Nikocado Avocado is preparing to eat an epic breakfast with an entire package of bacon sizzling on the electric griddle. Once the bacon is cooked, it is removed from the warm griddle so that Nikocado can dump two bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos. He is not yet finished because off-camera, Nikocado grabs a pan of noodles that has been drenched with homemade cheese sauce before eating begins.

Thousands of YouTube viewers are sharing the experience. However, Nikocado’s YouTube channel is only one of the hundreds mukbang-dedicated accounts that appeared on YouTube recently. Nikocado Avocado is one of those “mukbangers” or host of a pre-recorded eating show. The videos which initially originated from South Korea in the mid-2000 show massive calorie spreads where broadcasters themselves eat giant portions of top quality beef, vegetables and more.

In most instances, the mukbangers film the videos in their own kitchen and use an electric griddle to cook several containers of delivered food.  Sometimes, the mukbanger will go to real restaurants to film a video. Recently, Nikocado Avocado filmed a video in Applebee and Chick-fil-A. Other mukbangers have filmed themselves eating inside a car after hitting a drive-thru at Taco Bell or Sonic Drive-In.

Yes,mukbang has become a very hot YouTube trend but not for fetish-related reasons. Dining is inherently social and humans have the natural desire to dine with good company. A lot of people are working and they call for delivery to satisfy furtive binges. Sometimes, they are lonely and alone and want some company.

In South Korea, millions watch their favorite mukbang hosts eat thousands of calories in one sitting. Mukbang became a cultural phenomenon that delivered thousands of dollars per night for the mukbangers from advertising revenues, donations from viewers and sponsorships. Mukbang was virtually unknown in the US but now it has amassed an audience that is interested to watch strangers while they eat.

You do not have to be a mukbanger to enjoy an electric griddle. If you will grab an electric griddle, you will spend less time cooking and cleaning. During the weekend, you can use the electric griddle to make big breakfasts for the family.