4 Features Of Luxury Riverside Boutique Hotel

While there is no clear and absolute definition of a boutique hotel, you can tell that it is one by looking at its features. Some of the distinct characteristics of Luxury Riverside Boutique Hotel include the following:


Generally, boutique hotels contain a limited number of rooms from 10 to around 100 rooms. They are small and intimate thereby making their guests feel like they are received in a cosy friend’s home. Boutique hotels also feature small living spaces that are communal and offer areas for interaction and meeting new friends.

Unique design

You can tell that you are looking at a boutique hotel by taking a closer look at its interiors and decorative designs.  Luxury Riverside Boutique Hotel offers historical yet chic architecture and often a mixture of period and contemporary artistry.  Boutique hotels are often an amalgamation of designs that elicit homey feeling while looking at sleek lines that will remind you of the modern world you live in. guestrooms are designed individually with elegant style while having plush pillows, rich linens and exclusive facilities.


Boutique hotels are also characterized by unique personality. They are generally hip and upbeat making it ideal for millennials and those free-spirited travellers who want to be surrounded in a feel-good vibe while visiting their dream place. The designs are also creative and funky and one that will always brighten your day. Another feature of a boutique hotel is that you will never see another of its kind in any other place unlike hotel chains where it would seem like you are checking in at the same room over and over again in different countries. Boutique hotels are owned by families or certain individuals and most of its designs are concepts of the owner.

Personalized service

An intimate and personalized service is the trademark of a Luxury Riverside Boutique Hotel. You will be surprised to be greeted by the hotel’s staff by your first name on the first night at the hotel. You will also be delighted to know that the chef preparing your food is the owner of the hotel or the receptionist is the son or daughter of the owner.

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