4 Saving Tips For Car Rental In Crete

There are those who think that renting a car in Crete is an added financial burden. However, if you think about the convenience you will get with having a car to use the moment you arrive in Crete, you will realize that there the meager amount you spend on car rental from Flisvos is all worth it. To lower your travel expenses especially in hiring cars, take a look at these tips:

Search for service providers. Before you finalize your booking, take time to visit the website of different service providers for purposes of comparing rates. Ask for cost estimates especially if you are going to rent the vehicle for a longer period. By checking from different providers, you will find cheaper deals and cost-effective offers.

Look for deals and promos. When visiting a website, look for promos and special deals. Some car rental companies guarantee the lowest rate and if customers can find anything lower, they will beat the rate and offer a lower deal. Some companies such as Flisvos also offer excellent deals such as book now, pay on arrival. This way, you can do last minute cancellation and you won’t be charged for it. You can also give the company a call on their hotline number or send them an email to discuss how you can be assisted with your car rental needs.

Careful on hidden charges. Before you sign up for any service, make it a point to read the contract and all the agreements stated therein. Send the company an emailif you have questions and clarifications. Checking the agreement thoroughly saves you from getting surprised bill out of the hidden charges. These are some of the things that customers usually take for granted but could actually cost them a few dollars.

Avoid on the spot airport rentals. The downside of renting cars at the airportis that you can hardly negotiate with the price and there is a slim chance for you to choose the type of vehicle. Without reservations from Flisvos or the company of your choice, you won’t have much choice but to settle for what is available at the airport and most of them are quite expensive.

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