A Family In Detroit Helped Immensely By Homeschooling

home schooling

Abbey Waterman from Detroit made it a habit to list down all the things her kids have worked on, their successes and their current works.

She knew that since her kids are going to a public school, the teachers won’t have enough time to track each child’s progress and it is up to the parents to do that. With that in mind, she decided to keep on making the lists while homeschooling her kids because she does not want to add to the already burdened public school system.

Waterman believes homeschooling will be the appropriate way for her kids to go since they were brought up working together as a family. Parenting changed for her after having her first three kids and challenges came such as bad behaviors which does not suit them. It was then that Waterman and her husband decided to attend parenting classes and became much more focused in their parenting. When the kids were old enough to go to school, she decided to keep up with the process.

They have eight children now with ages ranging from 9 to 27 which make Waterman very experienced when it comes to homeschooling. She knows the value of homeschooling since it enables her to fulfill the needs and discover the interest of her kids. Her curriculum is based on faith while she use other supplements mainly things that is of interest to each child.

One of her daughter is keen in learning law so she went to find a program that will give her the chance to see the capitol of Lansing thereby making her aware of the process of the law there. Some of her kids loves science and she showed her support when they decided to go to college and major in Biology. Waterman revealed how they tapped on to every child’s interest and supplemented their learning and passion.

Homeschooling give more importance to the interests of each of the kids and opened up opportunities for them. They were also able to give back to their community. Along with their educational process, Waterman included church mission trips which give the kids the independence to plan and gather funds. In the end, homeschooling proved to be effective for eight of Waterman’s children. For information on home tutoring contact Bee Academic Tutoring.

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