A Glimpse Of Myanmar Via The Circle Line Train

If you didn’t already know, there is a circular train in Yangon that you can hop aboard for an authentic experience of Yangon city and its suburbs at only USD1. With the option of traveling with a knowledgeable local guide, this train allows you the chance to witness the daily ongoings in the former capital of Myanmar (Burma) as it passes through suburban districts which are rarely visited by tourists. While on the 28-mile circular route, you can disembark to experience lively markets, vibrantly colorful shops and Buddhist sites.

If you are staying in a service apartment in Myanmar, locating the Circle Line train in Yangon city station should be fairly easy. This circular train has 39 stations with a loop that connects several towns and suburban neighborhoods which stops at each and every station for a minute or two, allowing people to get on board with only seconds to spare. If you have a local guide with you, they can possibly show you some hidden gems along your route that would otherwise be difficult to locate if you’re on your own. Not to mention, you could ask about unfamiliar sights and customs and know a little bit more about this humble country.

The entire route takes about three hours, and you won’t regret seeing a genuine experience of Yangon. There are several local attractions to explore which you can hop off at the following stops:

1. Da Nyin Gone Station – Check out the food stalls, while interacting with the locals and witness their daily routine. Try out some local cuisines and purchase refreshments from one of the roadside vendors to make your experience a truly unique one.
2. Yangon’s downtown – Stop for a stroll around Little India and Chinatown, which represents two distinctive Yangon neighborhoods. Enjoy the sights or pop by into a local shop for a cup of tea on the street corner while watching the world go by.

At the end of your tour, you’d be sure to have a deeper sense of appreciation of Yangon’s rich cultural beauty, including its colonial history, impressive structures and spiritual traditions. If you are planning on a holiday to Myanmar, the best service apartment in Myanmar are ones with full-services, equipped with kitchen, lounge and dining area; furnished with modern amenities. There is comfort when a hotel offers a cozy ambience complemented with hospitable service and personal while not forgetting exclusive facilities.

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