A Guide to Choosing Your Restaurant’s Name


If you are planning to open a restaurant business, there are some things that you would have to consider. First, you would need the financial resources. You can either loan from a bank or find investors for this. Next, you would need to choose a theme or concept as well as developing a comprehensive business plan. Afterwards, you would need to be thinking where you want your restaurant to be. Then comes the part where you have to give a name for your restaurant.

Just like with people, names are also important to restaurants because they become your business identity, the name you would have to market heavily. So if you have trouble finding a good name for your restaurant, then you should know that the name should fit the concept of your restaurant, the food and the location. Check out these helpful tips below.

  1. Consider your location. Will your restaurant be located near a beach? A lake, perhaps? Or even a mountain? Know that locations are a great source for restaurant names. Their geography, history and even culture can be reflected by the name you choose to use.
  2. Think about your concept. If you have a particular specialty or cuisine that you are selling, like Indian food Perth or Italian and French cuisine, then why not use your restaurant’s ethnicity when looking for a name.
  3. List it all down. Sometimes there are just too many good names for you to choose from. If you cannot decide what name to choose, it would be best to list all the good ones down and try to ask your friends or family for advice. Remember, the name you think is good may not reflect well on others so a second, third or even fourth opinion would definitely matter.
  4. Do not choose complex names. Having a restaurant name that is too hard to spell or pronounce means people won’t easily find it online. Although they may sound appealing once people are outside your restaurant door, it would still be bad for marketing.
  5. Beware of trademarks. If you want to avoid legal trouble, it would be best to stay away from names of popular brands or even just taken brands. It will also give people the impression that you are copying your competition.

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