A Webpage That Archives Anti-Semitism Testimonials On US Campuses


Websites and web pages Perth are useful tools for information. In fact, websites and the Internet as a whole; has become one of the biggest sources of information in this digital age. The internet can provide a person with useful information without having to physically go to a library and undergo a long search for references. Unfortunately, even with the necessity that the Internet provides, it can also be used the wrong way such as spreading hate and unrighteous concepts such as racism.

Racism is truly alive in the world and Jews are probably one of the biggest cultures that have become victims of racism. The conflict in the West Bank and the Gaza has also not helped in the situation.

Last 2014, the Anti-Defamation League has observed and noted the largest buildup of Anti-Semitism in the US in the last decade and has reported at least 912 incidents concerning anti-Semitism. In fact, 2014 had been a very violent year for Jews who are not only staying overseas but within the US as well.

The increasing numbers of activists who are calling for the end of the occupation in the West Bank and Gaza have also meant a rise in the number of people who are against Jews.

There is now currently a webpage that archives the anti-Semitism testimonies of Jewish American students. A student from the University of Washington had shared how some people had branded him as toxic and worthy of their dislike. This happened after he wore a Star of David around his neck.

Another student had also shared how he fears how he cannot discuss Judaism without taunts being thrown at him. There are also some Jewish students who have been victims of violence. There is also a student from Florida who had shared how for the first time in his life, he now understand what it means to stare racism right at the eye.

All of these testimonies have been recorded and archived in the AMCHA Initiative’s webpage, gathering the anti-Semitic experiences of more than one hundred Jewish students in the past year in order to spread awareness.

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