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Michael J SmallMichael Small – Head Editor

The Cold War has long been over but many people are not aware on how the hostile atmosphere started and how it ended. It is our goal at Cold War News to make you aware of the history of the Cold War and why it became a major international crisis. This site was also developed for educational purposes so that students can benefit from the articles as well as the discussions. We at Cold War News want our audience to be enlightened on the power struggle between two nations who were supposedly allies.

What was the Cold War?

The Cold War was the term used to describe the relationship between the United States and the USSR after World War II. International affairs were largely dominated by the Cold War for decades but what was feared by countries was the development of weapons of mass destruction. What were the issues between the US and USSR? The Americans and Russians have different beliefs and religious convictions. It was a case of capitalism vs. communism and both sides were vying for dominance. Both nations exploited every opportunity available for expansion.

The US and USSR were allies during the Second World War because they had one common enemy and though many assumed that there is a friendly relationship, it never really happened. There was extreme distrust particularly when President Truman told Joseph Stalin about a new weapon they will use on the Japanese. However, in spite of the Cold War, neither of the two nations actually fought with each other. Their lack of mutual understanding on the differences of their beliefs has led the whole world on a dangerous path.

Cold War News would gladly answer any questions to help educate the future generation on the facts about the hostile relationships of the US and USSR. We also invite you to participate in our community so that you can share your comments, opinions and insights. Many of our readers have personal knowledge of the Cold War and some have even kept some artifacts. Share with our audience any exclusive information you may have so that they can expand their knowledge on the historical events. Feel free to contact us at www.coldwarartifact.com .