AccuWeather Explains How The Weight Of Snow Is Measured On The Roof

When there are severe winter storms, businesses and homes have more to worry about than messy roads. Heavy snow poses serious risks to roofs causing some of them to collapse and create a particularly dangerous situation.

According to AccuWeather Forensic Meteorologist Steve Wistar when snow has accumulated on the roof, it is important to hire contractors for its removal or use rakes if the roof is not too high. In the north-eastern part of the United States, roof designs can support 30 pounds of snow per square foot. On the other hand, there are roofs that can support 40, 50 or even a hundred pounds per square foot.

The amount of snow that has accumulated on the roof in not really the best guide in determining how much weight snow will be putting on the roof. If the roof is already sagging, it is important to handle snow removal carefully because the additional weight of people shovelling snow on the roof may cause more problems.

According to Wistar, the number of inches of accumulated snow does not dictate the weight that is on the roof because weight of snow is dependent on water content. Wet snow is usually heavier than dry snow because of water content. Dry powdery snow is characterized by dusty flaky texture making it more prone to drifting.

There are roofs that have been designed for drifting but if there are external roof units like air conditioning or parapets, they can be prone to uneven weight distribution. When snow drifts against these units, instead of being blown of the roof, the snowflakes break apart and when they resettle, they become denser and add more weight to the roof. When the weight of snow on the roof is 10 pounds per square foot, it is still okay but not when it becomes 20 pounds per square foot.

Snow is not the only problem faced by roofs. If the roof is leaking or if the shingles are already worn out, call roofing specialist in Sydney immediately to assess the issues with the roof and determine the right solution to ensure its integrity.

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