Adlib Hotel In Bangkok Attracts Its Guests With A Ficus Landscape

Few years back, TROP was authorized to design a landscape for a hotel, in one of Bangkok’s busiest community. This could be the Adlib Hotel in Bangkok, where the site is expected to stand. It is compact, with lots of uninhabited townhomes. It was converted into hotel rooms, with windows facing diminishing areas. A restaurant and lobby were added in between the structures.

Fortunately, there stands one existing tree right in front of the property’s wall. The tree is known as Ficus benjamina with its gorgeous branches and lots of protruding hairy roots. We chose to have the tree the main feature of the hotel. The owner was hesitant at first, as the construction process may be difficult. However, we were able to convince them that the tree was essential to the outcome of the landscape. Firstly, the hotel had no view, which made it truly hard to invite potential guests. The tree can turn into a view, which can be seen anywhere in the property.

Due to global warming, the Bangkok’s temperature keeps rising. We wanted to design a more comfortable living space by minimizing the hot temperature inside the Adlib Hotel in Bangkok. The tree’s gigantic shade can outstandingly help. Finally, the owner conceded to keep the tree including all its hairy roots.

Having to rely on the tree was not enough to reduce the temperature. We installed tall green walls to strategically substitute old concrete walls. Epipremnum aureum were watered by a drip irrigation system to save water consumption. From the restaurant’s indoors, hotel residents can see the green front. They can relax outdoors as the green wall remarkably helped reduced the heat.

To create a nice ambiance in every rooms, Thunbergia laurifolio were planted just outside the windows. The fast growing herb aimed to cover many of the windows for several months, which served as a living curtain that filters out heat from coming inside the rooms. Finally, a pool is situated above the restaurant’s roof. This is the only areas of the hotel where guests can go sunbathing. However, the pool water helped minimize the heat for the diners below. Once Adlib Hotel in Bangkok was completed, the hotel amazed every visitor, who never expected that this haven can stand right amidst the busy Bangkok community.

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