Albert And Logan Rivers Flood, Affected Areas Get Power Cut

With the Albert and Logan rivers having broken its riverbanks recently due to recent onslaught of terrible weather conditions due to Cyclone Debbie, areas surrounding both rivers have now been flooded, leading to considerable property damage to both private and government-owned buildings and infrastructure.

In response to the danger posed by the combination of home wiring and floodwaters, Energex has cut supply to thousands of homes in the northern regions of the Gold Coast, in order to prevent any potential electrical accidents. The outage will affect over 5,700 homes, 4,500 in Logan City, 1,200 across the Gold Coast region.

If any homeowner wishes to have power restored to their homes, they must contact any licensed electrician in Gold Coast, who will then assess the property in order to ensure that reconnecting the house to the power lines will be safe, and will not run the risk of any incidents regarding flood water.

Energex’s Event Manager, Paul Ranbird explained, stating that the power cut is a measure to ensure public safety throughout affected regions. He adds that the cut is an unfortunate, but ultimately necessary evil in order to protect the public from the risk of electrical accidents and save lives.

He elaborates on the procedure, stating that a flooded home, once disconnected from the power lines, will receive identification via a ‘Form 3’ or an ‘Electricity Defect Report’, posted on the property’s dry areas. The owner of the property will then be required to call a licensed, professional electrician in Gold Coast or the surrounding area, who will then go to the property for a complete evaluation, which will assess not only the property itself and its wiring, but also any electrical devices or appliances that may have been affected by the water.

If the property is deemed safe, the electrician will then sign the ‘Form 3’, which will then be passed on to Energex crews, who will then begin the work of restoring power to the affected property.

Mr. Ranbird has asked for the public’s cooperation during this difficult time, stating the Energex is doing all they can to safely restore power to the affected areas. He adds that the public should avoid any power lines, regardless of their condition, connection, or lack of thereof.

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