Aluminium Wrapped Embassy Wows Central Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand – this is a booming place for tourists and visitors who love to travel. Bangkok is now one of the most popular places to visit and tour when in Asia. With this boom and this surge of tourists, visitors, and people who enjoy the sights and sounds of Bangkok, there are a lot of possible attractions and opportunities made. A great location for malls, hotels, parks, and tourist attractions are surely being chosen and are prime choices for developments and new infrastructures.

Such is the case for hotels and structures in the core of Bangkok. In the former gardens of the British Embassy in Bangkok now rise the aluminium tiles beauty of the tower by Amanda Levete’s studio AL_A. This aluminium tower block that is in central Bangkok is a project from London-based AL_A. They worked with the Bangkok local architects Pi-Design, on the 37-storey tower, which they have named as Central Embassy. This structure boastfully hosts of a luxury shopping centre and a luxury Bangkok hotel near Embassy, which is the five-star Park Hyatt Hotel.

People must wonder why the chosen material for the Central Embassy. This is explained that this is the defining material of the Central Embassy and this was primarily chosen because of its lightness and the potential of the aluminium to reflect. The aluminium shingles have always had two surfaces so that they can reflect the sky and the city. This is what Levete has specified.

It is just not the beauty of this tower that will draw people in Bangkok and this central site. It is also what Central Embassy has to offer. It is not just the design of the building but the services and products that are being offered within. The shopping centres, the shops, the façade with the stylish elevators, escalators, the skylights. Everything is stylish and unique and it is quite certain that visitors and tourists would enjoy it.

Having the amenities such as Bangkok hotel near Embassy, a glitzy and complete shopping centre, fun people and amazing tourist attractions, it will not be a surprise and it’s never a surprise that Bangkok, Thailand is one of the greatest destinations in Asia.


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