Artificial Grass Proves To Be An Unlikely Savior During Drought

Artificial Grass
Droughts can be terrible for businesses like Heath Landscapes that specialize in providing landscaping services. It is no secret that California is experiencing its longest drought in history. With the lack of rain and the heat terrorizing the west coast state, it is only natural for them to take precautionary measures against the impending damages that the drought may cause. The conservation of water has never been as imperative as it is now. Throughout all this, it is safe to say that the biggest victims of this drought are the plant life. Gardens and lawns are most likely to suffer the most especially now that there is a shortage on water. Everyone wants to have healthy green lawns but with the drought, it seems that Californian homes would have to sacrifice their lawns for the greater good. Luckily, Heath Landscapes, a professional landscaping company, has reported an unlikely savior: artificial grass.

Artificial grass can be described as synthetic grass or fake grass. Although it is made out of synthetic materials, it would still be hard to distinguish real grass from the fake ones. This means that there is still a chance for people to have beautiful green lawns without having to waste excessive water on them.

According to Rob of Heath Landscapes, there is a rise in the demand for artificial grass in the state of California as many residential owners are not yet ready to let go of their lawns making them turn to fake grass instead. With a 25% cut on water use, it is expected for people to turn to a more untenable approach.

The mayor of Los Angeles said that it is impossible for people to play with their children in a yard with a cactus and if they want to continue playing basketball, football or Frisbee with them, they would have to use fake grass.

Although fake grass has been giving numerous benefits to homeowners there are still people who are skeptical with its use. Critics are skeptical about its toxicity as well as the effects it might have on the environment. According to these people, some of the synthetic materials can still reach the ocean.

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