Augmented Reality Trial Launched: Better Courier Quote Online Recommended

The industry of parcel delivery, including some of the well-known courier companies and logistics companies in the world, are now finally catching up with the pace that the world has taken up since technological changes began to shape up. You see, this specific industry has been one of the busiest industries in the world even during the previous years when the world was not yet digitally-advanced. This is owing to the fact that these courier companies have been dealing with a huge amount of different kinds of packages from different origins which are needed to be delivered sound and safe to different places around the world. Fortunately, the newest technologies such as electric vehicles, various new methods in packing packages and even mobile-based applications which allow clients to check courier quote online without going to the courier company’s office- has made these companies perform better regardless of the kind, size and weight of the packages that they are paid to deliver.  In addition to this, clients don’t even need to carry those bulky packages to any of the accredited branches of the said courier company because they now offer door-to-door delivery meaning they will pick the package up at your home and then process it before delivering it to the designated recipient.

Recently, DHL, one of the well-known and multi-awarded logistics companies in the world, has announced that it has started staging an augmented reality (AR) trial with one of its current Australian customers. The said trial assesses the productivity benefits which the AR technology can deliver to warehouse operations. In this trial, smart glasses will be used to aid picking during order fulfilment. In addition to this, it builds on a series of pilots which the company has been running in a number of other countries in the world. This technology is said to be among the newest trends that will have the biggest impacts in business and will work with vendors and customers alike who occasionally check courier quote online before deciding whether or not they will send package through that courier company. Also, working with vendors and customers is helping DHL to continuously create efforts to develop proof of concepts.

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