Bangkok’s Popular Night Flea Market

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. The city is known to host nightly flea markets. This is much like a bazaar wherein sellers are allowed to set up their shop outdoors using tents. Flea markets are as common as discount hotel in Bangkok. Almost every week, the city has one. Travelers and locals alike will be able to enjoy shopping because of a wide variety of affordable items to choose from such as food items, clothes, basic consumer products, bakery products, used goods, novelties and collectibles.

One of the major reasons why night flea markets in Bangkok are popular is due to the active nightlife in the city. Tourists will be able to experience the nightlife, drink as much as they want, shop afterwards for cheap knock off items. They could buy almost anything from fresh produce, plants sold by local farms, fresh fruits, baked goods, electrical good, clothing, accessories, fancy toys as well as perfumes.

Majority of night flea markets operate at 7 in the evening and will open until wee hours in the morning. The following day, life in the city resumes normally for everyone. Flea markets are not the same as street vending. Flea markets happen only on certain times a week, it is organized in a way to bring attractions, and activities to make sure sellers and buyers benefit on both ends. Flea markets even have food vendors thus shoppers are able to have snacks and drink a variety of juice and drinks as they shop.

There are times where shoppers will be able to buy rarely sold merchandises such as upholstery, used furniture, movie and music DVDs together with knockoff items. It is common to see night flea markets to be packed with locals and tourists even in the middle of the night.

There are a number of night flea markets that can be found around the red light district and majority of patrons are men who wanted to experience the local life in the capital of Thailand. You might even be surprised to know that a flea market is available just in front of your discount hotel in Bangkok. Items are cheaper and you have a variety of options. Experiencing the night flea market will help you experience what is commonly known in Thailand as dark retail therapy.

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