Bed Placements That Are Bad For Feng Shui


For the many believers out there, feng shui plays a great role with how numerous items are bought and placed inside a home. Feng shui can be described as the art or science of reading the energy flow of a given space and determining the right placement of objects in order to secure good health and fortune.

If you are not a believer of feng shui, it won’t do you harm if you at least follow the teachings of feng shui when placing new furniture in a home. Bedrooms, in particular, are important in feng shui. In fact, it is believed that there will be no good feng shui in the house if the bedroom is weak or unstable. Bedrooms with bad feng shui will also have a negative effect on the homeowner’s personal energy. If you want to create good feng shui in your bedroom, you should first begin with proper bed placement and know which placements you should avoid.

Here are some of the worst bed placements in feng shui.

  1. Bed under the window. During the night when you are asleep, your body would need a strong support and protection so that it can work to its best in regenerating energy for tomorrow’s activities. Walls provide the best support and protection but windows are considered weak and lacking.
  2. Bed under a sloped ceiling. This would have negative effects with your health because a sloped ceiling constricts the flow of energy. Your energy will be in constant pressure and your body won’t be able to regenerate itself completely. Sleeping under a sloped ceiling would also have negative effects with your emotional health as well as having low energy.
  3. Bed close to a bedroom door. A door has a very active energy because energy is always constantly rushing in. Good bedroom feng shui is supposed to be gentle, smoothing and suiting and having a bed close to a bedroom door would produce unsettling energy.
  4. Bed under a beam. Anything that is heavy above your head will produce oppressive energy.
  5. Bed facing a mirror. The mirror is believed to suck out your energy during nighttime. It depletes your energy when you need it the most. So make sure not to place beds Perth in a position that is facing a mirror.

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