Billions To Be Spent For BTS And Free Shuttle Service In Bangkok

Whenever you’re traveling to another country whether it’s a tropical country in Asia or one of the European nations, one has to wonder: how will you go around the city and explore the hidden gems that the city is hiding? For one, you can rent a car from an accredited car rental company which you can usually find upon arriving at the international airport of the said country. However, you all know that driving around a city that you aren’t familiar with the rules and regulations plus the traffic conditions in the area can be a big headache even for international tourists who have mass amount of driving experience in their home country. Now, if you have a friend or a relative who can drive you around, that would be great. However, we also have to consider that heavily relying on other people, even though it’s fine with them, to drive us around the city, is sometimes too much. Fortunately, if you’re staying in the city of Bangkok, there are few hotels in the city which offer free shuttle service in Bangkok which can take guests to tourist destinations within the city and back to the hotels themselves. Also, this shuttle service picks up guests from the airport, take them to the hotels and vice versa.

To assist the growing need for free shuttle service in Bangkok and other means of transporting both local and international tourists who are staying hotels within the Sukhumvit District and want to see the tourist spots around the city, officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration or BMA have announced earlier this month that the agency is set to pay an estimated amount of 1 billion Bhat for the expansion project involving the Saphan Taksin Skytrain station. Officials said that the expansion work will take up 27 months and is scheduled to be completed by December of 2019. While the actual construction works will start in February off next year, the design and planning phase for the project is expected to start next month and will take up 5 months to complete.  The project also involves constructing a 1.8 metre road extensions on both sides of the Taksin Bridge.

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