BTS Security Warn Guests For Those In Hotel Near BTS

Tourists need not worry as they can travel around Bangkok. Usually the hotel they are staying is just minutes away. They need to walk a little further from their hotel near BTS and ride a train at an affordable cost. However, they should be aware that security guards in BTS have been designatedto watch over commuters waiting on platforms with no auto-loading doors. The reason is to prevent falling onto rail tracks, according to BTS skytrain operator.

Adviser to Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTSC) Anat Arpapirom said, commuters have expressed displeasure in the past when security guards often used their whistles. It’s somehow a pain in the head as they need to watch out if they had committed any violations inside the station. He continues that since 2012, platform doors have been installed in 9 stations after more passengers came to commute by train.

BTSC committed 600 million baht on auto-loading doors at busy stations including Asok, Chidlom, Chong Nonsi, On Nut and Siam, so no accidents will happen. It’s an advantage that few travelers staying in a hotel near BTS can enjoy. They are not only safeguarded when they board a train, they are also protected within the station. They can also see how beautiful Bangkok is, the main reason why they travelled here.

However, Mr. Anatdid not say if the BTSC has plans of installing auto-loading doors at the remaining train stations.

He continues that installing safety doors are happening in Asia alone. European countries do not have it as they have high safety measures. However, he missed to discuss the narrow width of the platform to suit hundreds of people during rush hours. Few tourists who live in the hotel near BTS are now aware of it.

Many times an uncontrollable event like accidents happen especially when platform doors have not yet been installed, he claims. It’s really uncertain that is why we need security guards to be alert all the time. If you live in a hotel near BTS, you will be provided with warning to their guests, especially when they have to travel by train to the different destinations in Bangkok.

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