Burntwood Adorned With Yellow Ribbons To Remember Stephen Sutton

Ribbons have always been used to remember a notable person who had done great deeds and in Burntwood, they are doing just that. Yellow ribbons have appeared all over a Midland town in preparation for the first death anniversary of Stephen Sutton, a cancer hero who has touched a lot of lives when he was alive.

On May 14 last year, Burntwood was filled with memorials for the 19-year old cancer hero. This year, they will repeat the same feat as they celebrate the life of Stephen Sutton. Friends and family will be adorning their doors, gardens, outside furniture and cars with yellow ribbons.

Stephen Sutton was born and raised in Burntwood. He was an active child during his youth. He played a lot of sports like football and long distance running. Aside from athletics, Sutton was also a straight-A student in his Chase Terrace Technology College.
He was set for a career in medicine and had interviews in Cambridge.
Unfortunately, at the age of 15, he was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. In 2012, his cancer was deemed incurable according to the doctors.

But his disease did not put him down. Instead of getting sad, he became a cancer activist. He began to participate in many different cancer charity events. He even started his own blog and a fundraiser alongside Teenage Cancer Trust with a goal of ₤10,000.

Soon his goal increased to ₤1,000,000 but in March of 2014, his fundraiser had raised about ₤4,000,000 and more.

His story and Sutton himself became an inspiration not only to cancer patients like him, but to everyone he meets. He was even appointed as Member of the British Empire (MBE). He died surrounded by his family and loved ones in his sleep just after receiving the MBE.

And a year after his death, the people of Burntwood wants to make sure that his memory is alive and that he is not forgotten. They also think that it is only a fitting tribute for Burntwood to turn yellow again.

Stephen’s favorite season is summer and that is the reason why they chose the color yellow.

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