Co-Working Space For New Business In Christchurch

A shared work space has recently been launched by BNZ which is aimed for small and medium sized businesses. The co-working space is called community 101 and it is located at the new outlet of BNZ Centre with address at Cashel Street, central Christchurch.

There are already a number of occupants on the shared work space including a life coach, Dani Rius, and the founder of The Word Lab who happens to be a communications consultant too, Hannah McKnight.

Rius said that the co-working space opened up an opportunity for him to create a more personal relationship with clients and be able to have an official space for his business.

According to McKnight, the cost to set up a new office for a starting business can be a burden which is why the shared working space is an ideal set up for her for the meantime.

She also added that she is still on the process of moving to a new house outside of the city centre. The co-working space makes it possible for her to meet clients in a professional environment but does not require too much formality.

Using the services of the co-working space is free of charge and there is no requirement that users must be customers in order to access the facility. They cannot deny the fact that it is more convenient for them to use the bank just across the shared office space.

Aside from the central co-working space, there are other office spaces that can be utilized for those who are interested. All they have to do is schedule a booking with Tamara Fischer who is the manager of the centre.

According to Harry Ferreira, the head of small business for BNZ, the bank has always been conducting research regarding the trends and behaviours of small businesses and recent data showed that there is quite a higher demand for co-working space.

He added that the increase in the number of start-up businesses within the central business district of Christchurch prompted the bank to try the concept which is also a concept much like office outfits in Canberra.

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