Controlling Internal Moisture Production Through Sub floor Ventilation

During mould remediation, a professional team will make sure that all moisture ingress issues are taken care of. They will identify if the building or foundation is located below the subterranean water table so that a sufficient drainage can be put in place to divert underground water. The team will ensure that the sub floor is properly ventilated to allow the building to breathe.

In order to minimize the entry of moisture inside the home that results into the growth of moulds, the roof, gutters, flashings and drainage leaks must be fixed. To control internal moisture production, it is important to use exhaust fans in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. Rising damp can be addressed by properly identifying compromised foundations, broken grouts in the bathroom and laundry. Drainage and landscaping must direct water away from foundations.

Sometimes, you do not have to wait for moulds to become visible because they can be hidden in the ceiling, walls and floors. There is hardly any evidence of mould growth in the interiors but sometimes the concentrations are high enough to cause adverse health effects to the family. You don’t see the infestation but there is a musty smell that pervades the living area.

Fungicides and biocides that advertised to be effective in mould removal is not a complete solution because they do not physically remove the spores. When bleach is used for treatment, it becomes food for the moulds. The best solution is to physically remove moulds through a combination of HEPA vacuuming and manual removal using micro-fibre cloth.

To deter the growth of moulds, an environment that is dry and dust-free must be created. Subfloor ventilation can be installed to make sure that the flooring will not absorb moisture from the soil below. Dampness and moisture indoors must be immediately dried to prevent mould and bacteria growth.

The installation of sub floor ventilation can be complicated and challenging. Your best solution is sub floor ventilation in Sydney that has a professional team that will ensure that there is no water pooling or seeping on the sub floor areas of the home. External drains and vents will be inspected for any leaks and blockages that may contribute to the presence of moisture.

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