Creative Uses for the Paper Bag


People have increasingly become environmental friendly. It is for this reason that plastics in many commercial establishments have not been used. They use instead the paper bags. The paper bags are much friendlier to the environment and one can readily recycle the paper bags. Here are some of the ways where you can reuse paper bags.

  • Collect paper recycling in the paper bag and then recycle the entire package.
  • You can use it as a gift wrapper. This is especially applicable as Christmas is fast approaching.
  • You can make gift tags out of paper bags.
  • Ready a clear area in your garden by cutting the paper bags, flattening them and then covering them with compost. This will kill the weeds and will prevent them from lingering in your garden. It will also ward off any attackers on your garden.
  • Collect whatever kitchen scraps you can gather as well as other compost items. When it is now time to compost, ensure to dump the food scraps and tear the bag in order to go directly to the compost pile.
  • Shred the paper bag and add it to the compost.
  • Shred the paper bag and use it in order to keep breakable packages safe.
  • Fold the bags and the next time you go to the grocery store, take them along with you.
  • If the bag is equipped with handles, you can continue to reuse this as a tote.
  • You can make use of paper bags in covering textbooks.
  • You can also line the trash can with paper bags instead of dumping the paper bag into the trashcan. You can simply throw away the garbage and continuously reuse the paper bag as your liner.
  • Get creative and reuse the blank side for your art works and projects.
  • Cut the bags and use it as a tablecloth while you are carving pumpkins and then leave the scraps to compost.

These are just some of the myriads of ways that you can reuse your paper bag in order for you to help in preserving the environment.

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