Danish Products And China Moving Forward

Good relationships and partnerships between nations is an important factor in building a country to greatness. A country needs to have a strong relationship between each other to be able to effectively grow and prosper as a country. Business and tourism play a big part in developing and continuing this relationship. Denmark and China are two countries that are continuously keeping their best to work and grow together. One of their efforts for this development to keep the relationship working and to keep their strong relationship is the event that was held in China last March 12, 2017, to celebrate Danish tourism, Danish companies and Chinese and Danish relations.

The VIP event was held just outside Hangzhou, China at Alibaba’s headquarters. Representatives from China and Denmark attended the function. This event was done to celebrate and share the Danish tourism and Danish companies and the products that they provide like Danish watches. Mr. Anders Samuelsen, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, represented the Danish government in this event and this was his first official visit to China.

There were 30 companies that were exclusively chosen to participate and join in this venture and celebration. There were pavilions reserved for these companies for them to be able to show their brands to Chinese consumers. The products fall into different areas of trade such as lifestyle, art, fashion, home and food categories, and even Danish watches. These pavilions and the whole event is to provide the chance for the Chinese consumers to take a look and try out the different products these different companies have to offer.

Denmark has also seen a growing population of Chinese travelers in Denmark as Denmark has become a big travel destination. Fliggy is a new travel booking platform created by Alibaba. A separate pavilion has been provided to promote Fliggy where travel tips are provided by the Danish embassy, Danish Consulate, and Visit Denmark (also a partner for Fliggy.)  With this, it is hoped that more will be visiting Denmark soon. The opening of this event was broadcasted live online with more than 30 million views.

Denmark and China will hopefully continuously see a stronger link between their countries and their business ventures.

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