Data Shows Top Five Perth Suburbs Targeted By Home Burglars

With people becoming more and more concerned with home security, people are embracing improvements in security technology, such as motion sensors, and CCTVs. The more traditional home security measures are still being implemented, but now, they are complimented with the latest innovations. For example, a home alarms in Perth, is now likely to be paired with smartphone monitoring apps or CCTV surveillance.
These changes were brought about due to greater concern about home security, and some increases in crime rates in places across the globe. Companies and customers alike spend money and resources gleaming information on crime rates, in order to develop measures for security.
In West Australia, RAC, partnered with Morley and Thornlie, compiled crime rate data regarding suburbs all across Perth, using home burglary insurance claims made to them as the basis of their data. Their data shows over 4000 home burglary insurance claims received by the company across the state of West Australia, which averages at approximately 76 claims every week, validating the necessity of a home alarm in Perth.
The five suburbs with the most claims for the year of 2016 are:
1. Gosnells: 66
2. Morley: 63
3. Thornlie: 56
4. Balga: 53, and
5. Dianella and Baldivis: tied at 47.
East Victoria Park and Armadale, both with 41 claims, managed to enter the top 10 of the list, alongside Canning Vale with 40 claims.
Northam, located 97 km northeast of Perth, was noted as the regional town with the most claims, clocking in with a total of 35 claims last year.
RAC’s Home Claims Manager, Glen Walker, stated that the RAC’s claims analyses’ data shows that the same suburbs tend to rank fairly high into the list, specifically, the suburbs of Gosnells, Morlet and Thornlie. He adds that Morley has managed to sit in second place of their list for three years running, whilst Thornlie has improved a little, dropping down from first to third in 2015 and 2014.
He also points out which items tends to be the most stolen, with jewellery and bicycles holding high spots in the list. The former is unsurprising, but Mr. Walker points out that the latter began to become a target when cycling began to trend in Perth.
Mr. Walker states that the best thing to do is simple: to maintain a standard of security, regardless of whether or not you are in your home, and who is in it.

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