Display Industry Could Be Seeing Digital Signage As The Future

LG Electronics, more popularly known as LG, is known to be the leading brand in the world when it comes to commercial display solutions. According to the company, one of the biggest trends that have found its footing in the market is the digital signage sector. A prediction was made by LG with regards to countries located in regions such as the UAE to be able to experience growth in their digital signage industry. The increase in sales is expected to be around 50 per cent within the next three years. Despite the existence of corporate signage in Sydney, the firm believes that digital signage will grow because of various factors such as consumer’s high expectations, more products to be displayed, improvement in marketing, a more head to head competition and a better technique in promotion.

According to Kevin Cha, LG Electronics president in charge of Africa and the Middle East, the future will be seeing a lot of digital signage. This is a fact that can’t be ignored. Once it has started, there is no returning to other traditional forms of signage. LG thinks that the Middle East is the best example because the region is quick to follow technologies that are the latest in the market and they utilize them as long as they know that they are essential in advancing their businesses.

LG foresees that many vertical industries in the region will be able to take advantage of the pioneer technology as it rolls out. According to forecasts from industry experts, digital signage will be easily adopted by real estate sector, transportation, retail, health care and hospitality. The retail industry is expected to be the lead when it comes to utilizing the digital signage technology because it is expected tostart the journey of every customer. Stores will be able to get more traffic if they utilize targeted messaging as well as using interactive displays. A better user experience is more likely to increase conversion.

For the meantime, other countries such as Australia may be using corporate signage in Sydney as it is one of the most effective methods of advertising and branding.

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