Entrepreneur Decides To Sell Her Expertise Instead Of Franchising



Baskets have a great potential for business that is probably why many companies are investing a lot on basket production and selling them to the public. There are many brands of baskets nowadays like Paper Mart baskets. But even with the number of brands, one thing cannot be denied and that is the selling potential of baskets.

In this age, one of the most successful people in the basket making industry is Elena Yearly. The 57-year old yearly has been providing various people from all walks of life with customized gift baskets for over a decade now. She has catered to children, corporate brass and even Academy Award-nominated stars with her “Nostalgia Baskets” brand.

Her baskets would sell from about $75 to $700 and because of that, she knows she has a winning concept.
Her contacts in the industry are vast and she is always asked to speak at basket industry conventions.

She has it all; especially with a business that is doing good and now the only thing left for her to do is to continue the growth of her business. But she isn’t doing it the normal way, in fact, Yearly has declined to franchise her brand. What’s remarkable is that she has chosen to sell her expertise instead.

She and her husband have been calling it the “independent owner program.” People who are interested in building a business and improve their basket making skills would only need to give out $2,500 and they will already receive eight instructional videos, a list of potential vendors and a small business support from Yearly which would last for a year.

Yearly says that why should they keep the business to themselves?
Since they have launched their program, more than ten people have already expressed an interest in it. The idea of paying for knowledge and expertise is becoming very appealing to people.

The only difference with being an independent owner and a franchisee is that independent owners pay for the knowledge. Yearly will help them establish their business but they cannot use Yearly’s trademark name which is Nostalgia Baskets.

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