Experts Say That Bathrooms Should Be Cleaned Top Down


Gainesville Florida – April 10, 2015 – Bathrooms have contain a lot of functioning amenities and components like compact vanity units, toilets, bathtubs, showers and many others. This is also probably why bathrooms are known for their reputation of being the toughest room in the house to clean.

According to Steven Andrade who co-owns the Gainesville-based Fresh Maids, cleaning the bathroom can become very time consuming if it is not cleaned frequently. He says that normally, the amount of time spent cleaning a bathroom would depend on its size but the estimated time it takes a professional cleaning team to finish a bathroom cleaning job is about three hours more or less.

Andrade said that the first step to cleaning a bathroom is always the laundry. One should take out the shower curtains and all the cloth inside the bathroom and wash it. You can use a washing machine so that while it is being cleaned, you can start working on the bathroom itself.

It is important to go step by step or follow directions when cleaning the bathrooms. Having steps is mostly practiced by professional cleaning teams when they do a chore.

According to another expert, Leann Praigg, the co-owner of Merry Maids which too is based in Gainesville, every room has steps that can be followed but the bathroom is the room with the most number of steps and a higher difficulty. So instead of following traditional basic cleaning steps, one should clean bathrooms according to its direction, she says.

This would mean that the cleaning should be done from top to bottom. Start cleaning the higher parts of the bathroom like dusting the cobwebs. In the next step, it will be all about tidying up. The last step would mostly deal with soaking what needs to soaked and scrubbed.

For the cleaning products that you can use, these experts say that you can order cleaning products from the professionals but one should remember that the products and the tools that are use may sometimes vary.

You should also know that key to a successful bathroom cleaning is time. Make sure that you take time to clean everything from the ceiling to the floor. Never rush.

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