Fighting Against The Evil In The Middle East


Boilers are closed vessels where water and other fluids are heated. When placed inside the boiler, the fluid will not necessarily boil. The vaporized or heated fluid exits the boiler and is used in different applications or processes which includes central heating, cooking, sanitation, water heating and power generation.
In different countries and regions around the globe, boilers are used in unique applications. Even in Syria, a war torn country, these machineries are also used by manufacturing plants and power energy generating plants. In Syria, peoples’ lives have been disrupted by the ongoing battle against ISIS power. Several troops from the West have joined the Kurdish Militia fighters in hopes of winning against the evil in the place. Today, several Kurdish Militia fighters are now recruiting Western fighters to fight for their cause.

Fight against ISIS
According to one Westerner who joined forces with Kurdish Militia in fighting against ISIS, the fighting has been very heavy in the last few weeks. The group of Western fighters is known as the YPG or the Lions of Rojava. In their Facebook page, they posted that they plan in sending these ISIS terrorists to hell and are fighting the good cause in order to save humanity.

The Westerner, known as Rose, stated that the Kurdish militants are fighting to stay and defend their land and people. There are also women who fight and that they are just people who want to live peacefully in their land.

Rose is a Bronx native and has hated terrorists since the attack on the World Trade Center by commandos from the Al Qaeda unit. Though he wanted to serve in the US military, he could not do so because he already has full custody of his son. But his passion in fighting terrorists never really dwindled and so he joined the Kurdish Militia.

The American said that ISIS has always been updated in posting their cruel activities through social media like burnings, beheadings, mass killings and stoning of young and innocent people. Because of these things that he reads and watches in the internet, he was inspired to fight against the group.

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