Giant Nests Housing Wasps Discovered In Four Century Old Property

A pest controller reported that he was amazed to find that there are 10 giant nests of wasps found in the loft of an empty house. This is an amazing discovery in the United Kingdom as Sydney pest control was not able to report similar happenings before. While eight of the nests found by the pest controller were empty, the remaining two are filled with thousands of wasps.

Shena Jones was the 48 years old pest controller expert who was summoned to the scene located in a Baughurts village in Hampshire. They were conducting home renovation when the painter found the large nest made by wasps in the loft area of the house.

He had to climb up to the loft of the property which is already four centuries old and there he discovered ten gigantic wasps nest that he had laid eyes on. The average measurement of the nests is around 3 feet across.

Shane Jones, who is managing their family business which started four years ago, said that the nests of the insects are so huge that it is impossible for them to take it out whole through the hatch of the loft.

He explained that in order for them to remove the nests, they broke down into smaller pieces the nests that are already cleared of the insects. After which, they fumigated the entire loft with the remaining nests with wasps inside.

Mr. Jones recalled that he received a call to handle the nests of wasps found inside the property which is already a bit old and is on the process of being renovated entirely.

No one has ever visited the loft in quite some time. The painter who is working with the renovation team had to go up to the loft to check what needed to be done when he discovered the wasp nests. He immediately closed the hatch upon finding out and contacted the owner of the property. The property owner was the one who called pest controller.

The nests were so big that even Sydney pest control admitted that they have never seen such thing before. This is not the first wasp nest they have to tackle in the UK as the insects are starting to infiltrate houses.

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