Guide In Calculating The Cost Of Moving

Maybe you are planning to move into a new city and you buy moving boxes online with thoughts of packing in order to get a new start. If you want to move into a new city or another country, the expense can quite big but you have the means to calculate the approximate cost.

There are online tools that can be used such as City to City which are basically a moving calculator. This will help you list all the cost incurred when moving while taking into consideration the distance and other factors. You will have to provide information such as your old city, the new city where you will be moving, info on your lifestyle and then the calculator will give an approximate amount. The tool will calculate in the assumption that you will be driving and hiring the services of PODs which is not a cheap service, by the way.

If you are moving into a new country, you can try a different online calculator called International Moving Cost. This will give you an approximate cost on how much you will need to spend on shipping your items to your new country depending if it travels by air or sea.

The calculator can only give you a ballpark idea so you should have more than enough money than indicated. You can also calculate manually by factoring in the following costs:

  • Inquire about the service charge of delivery services or moving companies.
  • If you are planning to drive and take your belongings with you don’t forget to include how much you will spend on gas. If you are the one driving, use the cost calculator from Gas Buddy to help you find the cheapest stop going to your destination.
  • Packing material. This will cost quite a lot if you have many belongings you are planning to take with you. You can choose to buy moving boxes online in order to save since the price will be for wholesale.
  • Summer move. According to estimate, moving between the months of May and September can be more expensive by 20 per cent thus you should factor this when making the decision.

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