Hope Of Cheaper Ferry Tickets

Many people are hoping to have lower rates for ferry tickets in Thailand, not just the locals but tourists as well. Early this year, the new ferry service that is travelling between Hua Hin and Pattaya and vice-versa was forced to cut their fares barely a month after their launching. This is because of the storms that are unexpected during the season and the rough seas that came with it. The original fare was 1,250 baht for every passenger but it was reduced to only 999 per person for a single route.

The ferry service was installed in order to serve guests that are staying in two resorts that are located just across from one another with the Gulf of Thailand in between them. During the first few days of the service, only a handful of passengers were able to use the ferry due to suspended trips and because of the high rate.

Despite lowering the fare, the ferry company had to struggle attracting customers because their tickets can only be purchased at the pier offices located in Hua Hin and Pattaya.

According to SorasakSansombat, the general director of the Marine Department, the previous reduction of the fare was implemented in the hope of attracting more passengers. It was done during the entire month of February.

The major disadvantage of the ferry service is that it does not have other booking channels that are easily accessible to passengers like sales agency network, travel companies or a system that handles global distribution. This is the top reason why bookings are very slow.

Tourists are also looking for an online option wherein they can purchase the ticket over the internet and pay with a credit card through a trusted network. The company’s own website does not have such option other unlike other ferry services wherein one can book and pay through other payment methods such as 7-Eleven.

They have very backwards system in booking because the guests have to visit their pier office in order to so. Nowadays, locals and tourists alike are able to purchase ferry tickets in Thailand through many options without having to go through so much hassle.

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