Hospitality Industry In Hua Hin Spreading Safety Reminders Regarding Motorbikes

Last month, a number of leading hotels, resorts and pool villa in Hua Hin have come together in a very important campaign. They are raising awareness regarding safety in using motorcycles especially among school-aged children in Thailand.

Data showed a very alarming figure with regards to motorbike safety. It showed that not even 7 per cent of children in Thailand are using helmets whenever they are riding in motorcycles along with their parents. This automatically means that over 93 per cent of children in the country that are commuting daily as they go to school and go back home are unaware that they are putting their life in danger.

This alarming figure is now being addressed through the help of the top hotels and resorts in Hua Hin. They have come together last month in an attempt to raise awareness by holding their second consecutive Helmet Extravaganza event. This is an event organized by the CSR that aims to preserve the life of school-aged children in the country especially in Hua Hin and the nearby PrachuapKhiri Khan Province.

The general manager of one of the hotel in Hua Hin, Goetz Bauer, said that not wearing helmets is a worrying matter that is too common in Thailand as well as other countries in Asia. Majority of the kids travelling with parents do not have a helmet while doing so.

There a number of hotels, resorts as well as pool villa in Hua Hin that participated in the CSR event that was organized. The main goal of the event is to increase the awareness of the local people of Hua Hin when it comes to the importance of wearing safety helmets. To ensure that many school children will be safe during their rides, to and from school, these establishments also came together to donate over 400 pieces of helmets. These will be distributed to students as well as schools located within Hua Hin, and the province of PrachuapKhiri Khan. Fun activities were also held because they were tasked to paint the donated helmets by each of the establishment.

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