How Packaging Design Helps In Building Brand Loyalty

There is abundant choice for packaging design but rule number one says that brands must be innovative so that their products will stand out in store shelves. Brands must look beyond the aesthetic appeal of packaging design because functionality is also important. For example, the growth of the convenience food sector is attributed to changes in lifestyle and habits so that brands have to consider how their products can be consumed while away from home.

The food and drink industry has remained stable and resilient even during the economic downturn. It is one of the manufacturing sectors that have surpassed the €1 Trillion turnover. Brands need to get inspiration on how to manage their convenience lines because customers are looking at premium ready meals that offer quality dining experience.

According to Sun Branding Solutions packaging technology director, Gillian Garside-Wight, shelf life is very critical for convenience trend. Products must stay fresh longer because of the health element at work. Packages should be flexible because some consumers are not likely to overeat and prefer a more realistic portion. When buying food products, customers usually want to see what is inside and a window or transparent lid can give customers the assurance that they are choosing something they like. In packaging, food manufacturers have to assess where to put the window to ensure that it presents the product in the best possible way.

To engage consumers on a more personal level, brands need more in-depth understanding of the packaging design for the food sector. According to David Luttenberger, the global packaging director of Mintel, brands need innovative packaging so that global customers will stay loyal to the brand. This is very important in this age where consumers have more choices for packaged goods.

A key driver for all brands is the need to meet consumer demand on the practical application of packaging design. Consumers are increasingly becoming more demanding and this encourages more packaging innovations. Paper Mart paper bags offer an eco-friendly and cost effective option for packaging. Packaging design can be customized through print and color so that it can easily catch the interest of consumers.

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