How To Choose The Best Knife Sharpener

There are different ways to sharpen a knife. You can do it manually or even make use of the latest technology just to enjoy cooking or preparing meals for your loved ones. To find the best knife sharpener in the industry, familiarize with the different types so you can choose which one is best suited for you. Here are some of the most utilized knife sharpening tools of today.

Sharpening Stones

Sharpening tools come in different shapes and sizes. The stone is used in sharpening knives by working on the flat edges. To effectively sharpen knives, you can use water-based honing fluid or petroleum-based honing oil. Stone sharpeners are manual type of sharpeners and one of the cheaper variations of knife sharpener.

Diamond Sharpeners

Diamond sharpeners are made of metal composite base. They come with an outer layer of micron-sized diamonds bonded to a metal surface which is nickel plated.  Diamond sharpeners maybe the best knife sharpener as it is fast and effective with different grits available. Diamond sharpeners can be used whether wet or dry although experts recommend using the diamond sharpener wet to prevent diamond abrasive from loading up with eliminated steel out of the sharpening process.

Sharpening Steels

Sharpening steels can be easily identified as they are steel rods with hard plastic handle. The steel rod’s surface is disrupted in order for the tool to provide abrasion and friction once it is rubbed against another metal such as a knife blade. Sharpening steels are only suitable for light honing and metal reshaping.

Pocket sharpeners

Tapered or pocket sharpeners are generally used for serrated blades such as for fishhooks and gut hooks. You will know that you are looking at a pocket sharpener by its appearance. A pocket sharpener looks like a pen with tapered rods at its tip. Its packaging is also in pen style.

Electric Sharpeners

Perhaps best knife sharpener, electric sharpeners are fast and convenient. Honing is done by inserting the blade into the slot where a motorized wheel spins to sharpen the blade. These types of sharpeners are found online at

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