How To Polish Quartz &Marble Topped Vanity Units

If the Quartz &marble topped vanity units in your home or establishment start to appear dull and no longer shiny, you should then consider polishing your basin to bring back its original luster. Here’s what you will need:

  • All-purpose or tile cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Low-speed polisher
  • Clean wash cloth or soft rag
  • Marble and polishing sealer

Cleaning and Polishing Process

  • If you are not sure how to go about it, there are do-it-yourself videos on the internet that you can refer to aside from online articles for successful Quartz & marble topped vanity units cleaning process.
  • Before you apply a polisher, wash the basin with mild all-purpose detergent. Choose a non-abrasive cleanerand a soft sponge to wash the surface of the basin and its entirety. If you do not have sponge, you can use a wash cloth as an alternative.
  • Rinse the basin. Double check to ensure that is free from soap before thoroughly drying it with a clean wash cloth.
  • Make sure that there are no remaining stains. Use marble stain remover for hard to remove stains.
  • Start applying the polish on the basin’s surface when you are sure that the basin is already free from stains and is completely dry.
  • Pour the recommended amount of polishing compound on marble basin’s surface. For effective polishing, use a felt wheel with low to medium speed. Do not press too hard in order not to overdo the polishing.
  • Use wash clothin applying polishing compound for hard to reach corners. You can also do the same around the edges of Quartz & marble topped vanity units.
  • If you are done with polishing, tap the surface with a clean wash cloth. As an option, you can use a vacuum cleaner for drying the surface.

Abstain from using the marble basin for at least 24 hours. Allow it to completely dry naturally. After 24 hours, apply the sealer using a soft, clean rag. A soft-bristle brush can also be usedas an option. Check the label of your sealer for specific directions. Let the sealer dry with natural air.

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