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christmas cloths

Christmas – the time to be solemnly cherish the birth of Christ. The time when all are at peace while the lights blink on and off in a warm manner and the streets are echoing with delightful Christmas cheers along with the family time in front of the table filled with delicious treats. Christmas is somewhat a time to revel in the year that passed, but surely, we can find some mischievous appeal somewhere in it. Fred Hajjar, founder of said that some people may not be out to look for something so casual or formal of a celebration. Some wants to have that ugly, yet fun celebration to cherish.

Mr. Hajjar started as the owner of the website, ‘’. The site was said to be the source of fun products – from costumes, novelty wears and Graphic T-shirts. They were looking for products to top their existing ones and during their quest, they’ve managed to find something that gave them the change they were looking for.

Mr. Hajjar said that google analytics was something that they have done regularly and one time, during their session, they’ve seen Ugly Christmas Sweater to be hitting the roofs with its searches. Their team saw this as a sparkling opportunity and grabbed it.

When parties with Ugly Sweater themes and contest with the same theme mentioned rose, the Ugly Christmas sweaters made an unrelenting comeback that continued until today. The result – on 2012, Hajjar launched the It served countless of over-the-top, tacky, funny and downright ugly sweaters that caters the spirit of Christmas. Initially, he worried that it may be a current trend that will burn out immediately. He was proven wrong and was definitely happy about it.

Hajjar also extended his reach by having two kiosks on different malls in Detroit. He also stated that the purpose of the Ugly Sweaters was to be noticed and get laughed at. And that the uglier and funnier the sweaters are, the better.

Other trends are also taking up their time in becoming known. If you’re really up to getting attention, aside from Ugly Sweaters you could get from, you could also wear the ‘Santa Suit’ we all know of – that’s ought to take a bunch of attention wherever you are.

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