Improving A Home’s Energy Efficiency For Less Than $50

Most people are now into recycling and some have gone ahead to change into water saving shower heads. Others have exerted efforts to be more energy efficient by installing solar panels in their homes. However, not everyone can afford a solar panel. A few simple tricks that cost less than $50 can make a difference in a home’s energy efficiency.

  • The biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions are heating water for the shower and laundry. According to Anne Martinelli of Environment Victoria, you should set the temperature of the water heating system at exactly 60 degrees Celsius to cut down on emissions, save on energy bills and prevent the growth of harmful Legionella bacteria. For continuous hot water systems, temperature must be set at 50 degrees Celsius.
  • In Australia, a land of extreme temperatures, the cheapest option to cut down on emissions and energy consumption is through DIY insulation. It is important to seal all holes and gaps with draft sealing tape. Martinelli also suggests “zoning of living room spaces” meaning sealing off the rooms the where the family spends most of their time and where heating and cooling is located. If there are no doors, heavy drapes and curtains can be used on the doorway so that heat will not trickle on unused rooms.
  • The methane produced by landfills is 25 times more toxic than the fumes emitted by your car. To prevent food waste going to the landfills, make use of the old fashioned compost pit. Put all food waste into the heap including lawn clippings and dried leaves.
  • Solar down-lights can be pricey. A more inexpensive option is good quality Nokero solar light bulbs that can be charged under the sun during the day to provide at least 6 hours of light at night.

Open concept design is the current trend in bathrooms because it allows a limited amount of bathroom space to appear larger. The installation of frameless glass shower screens makes the bathroom look airy, open and full of sunlight. A frameless glass shower screen can immediately change the ambiance of your bathroom to look more luxurious and stylish.

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