International Students In The US Tutored To Improve Their Communication Skills

For an international student in the United States, it is very difficult to understand English slang. This was the topic of conversation during an English tutoring program for international students at the Caldwell Lake George Library.

For example, 16-year old Graceann Bennett who was helping her mother, tutor Michelle Bennett discussed how many expressions exist about chicken like “She running around like a chicken.” Another student Rashad Mayhaddinli, a 20-year old from Azerbaijan expressed his confusion about the expression “all set.” Michelle Bennett said that the expression means complete.

Michelle also translated “I’m shot” as very tired and not a person that has been shot and died. Students are enjoying the English tutoring program but Michelle says that the program also allows her to learn about culture.

Since different group of students arrive for tutoring at various schedules, the tutoring program operates on different time schedules. The studentgains tremendous help with their English communication and there is great improvement with their speaking skills. The tutors teach them passages, vocabulary and word association. However, the program is not all about improving English communication skills because the students also have fun. They play party games like Apples to Apples and Loaded Questions to learn about culture.

Most of the students have visas that allow them to stay in the country for 4 months. For three months, they work and spend one month for sightseeing. Mahyaddinli who is studying for a driver’s license dreams of pursuing a master’s degree in finance or business administration in the United States. Being able to communicate well in the English language will help him realize the dream.

However, there was a time when the program was nearly ended because it ran out of funds. The initial funding for the program was a $1,100 grant from Southern Adirondack Library System. The grant covered materials, textbooks and payment for the English tutors.

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