Livia Digital Tens Machine Effective For Relief Of Menstrual Pains

It can sound strange to get rid of pain through electric shock, but digital tens machine suits the real purpose as designed. A brand name Livia is a tens machine most suited for ladies having their painful monthly periods, and it did work for many women. It had a soothing effect that relieved their pain.

All you have to do is put Livia’s reusable electrodes on areas where it hurts. You just have to switch it on and electric pulses will invigorate the nerves to disrupt the reception of pain passing to the brain. It’s a fast relief from pain, which no pills can ever provide.

A TENS machine like Livia’s simplicity and size has not been advertised in the market yet. Most of the TENs machines found in the market are complex devices with busy, unappealing interfaces. They look like medical gadgets that require comprehensive instructions. Comparing Livia, the digital tens machine can fit the palm of your hand, which you can easily touch. You just have to switch it on and stick it with its plus and minus symbols indicating pulsing strength, and that’s about it.

Livia is unbelievably cute and functions like a charm, providing instant relief a pill can’t do. You will find the website in sync with its tailor-made feature of the device. Part of its feature is the ability to work under clothing, where Livia skins comes in variable bright colours. There is something with this Livia’s simplistic design that makes it say “personalize me!”

A portable digital tens machine is purposely made for every woman. It is suitable replacement for pills, which based from experience don’t work anyway. Owning one may seem too costly, but you can buy it one-time compared to pain reliever pills and the potential tolerance that comes with it. It’s also safer as you are not ingesting anything.

This prosperous Indiegogo campaign eventually raised around $1.7-million from over eighteen thousand patrons. Livia is duly approved by the Federal Drug Administration as pain reliever, and will include shipping to American patrons ASAP. You can buy this digital tens machine for only $127 by accessing the Livia website.

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