Making More Sales During Christmas


It’s the best time to do well in the retail revenue calendar and it is the time that will make or break for more online and physical stores. If you have not thought about capitalizing on the Christmas season, it is never too late to do so. Here are some ways to get more cash this season.

  • Send an email newsletter to the people in your database. Keep in mind that almost everyone is getting frazzled this time of the year. For this reason you need to make it easy for people to treat their loves ones. You will not only sell them something but at the same time give them warm feelings towards your business so that they will buy your products the next time around.
  • Create a gift shop guide in a blow which will showcase the products that you will sell. You can get clever and add some complementary but not really competing products coming from other suppliers. You can also send your customers a link to the gift guide to the suppliers that you have mentioned and ask them to share it in their own social media channels.
  • Do a little research on what bloggers place together in their gift guides and then try to reach out to them with photos with quality and also with a great story. Do not just send a link into your entire website but pick out a few products in order to make things easy for them.
  • Create a 12 Days promotion on Christmas. There are retailers on the market that share on their website different offers leading to the 12 days before December 25. You can create a discount on special products, gifts with purchase, free shipment on selected items or offer unique products that they cannot purchase in other times of the year.
  • Try to host a physical pop up as this works well especially in the days leading to Christmas. The retail giants Watson and Everingham are excellent in doing these techniques. They are also able to tap to different fans even to those who are fond of wearing Ugly Christmas Sweater.

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