Manuka Honey: Perth Company Plants Trees For Prospect

Trees are important, to say the least. They have, and will continue to do so, provided numerous important resources and, consequently, industry to mankind everywhere. So it’s not surprising that a lot of foliage-based products and industries are thriving today. Perth tree services, for example, is quite notable today.

A good example of such plant-based profit is manuka honey, a highly demanded and highly valued product acquired from a New Zealand native species; the manuka or Leptospermum scoparium. The honey has myriad of uses ranging from simple sweetener to special supplement with some notable famous figures speaking highly of it. The honey is quite expensive, costing at least $40/kilo, with some more expensive batches going up to $100/kilo in price. As a result of its value, researchers in Australia have been looking at the possibility of having Australian tea tree species being used as a surrogate in producing the valued product.

However, a group in Perth believe that the best course of action was to simply create the product from the original source; the New Zealand manuka, by growing the plants in Australian soil. One of the group’s members, a businessman by the name of Paul Callander, imported from the northern isles of New Zealand, some manuka seeds to be grown in Western Australia.

The seeds are to be planted by Mr. Callander and his colleagues southwest of the state, in a nursery in Manjimup. Estimates state there are to be around 1 million trees, to be planted around June. Mr. Callander has pointed out the potential of a manuka industry in Western Australia, should the requirements necessary for the en-masse growing of the New Zealand native species be discovered.

The trials will be arduous, according to Mr. Callander. Who stated that there is a lot of work to be done with regards to this prospect. To that end he has partnered with universities, apiarists, and other experts to ensure the proper conditions for this daring venture. The process will, undoubtedly, require a considerable amount of time, but if done right, it will pay off in future dividends.

Mr. Callander, his colleagues and their partners, the apiarists especially, have expressed their enthusiasm for this project, but what of those that provide Perth tree services, and those that seek out manuka honey?

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