Mövenpick Unveils Recent Logo

Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, a global Swiss hospitality company, has revealed its recent logo and its corporate identity. It drew its inspiration from the brand’s origin, the contemporary and clean visual identity which reflects warmth and self-assurance, including the Swiss characteristic that radiates through its properties and staff throughout the world.

A new brand identity

Since the Mövenpick brand’s inception during 1948 with its first restaurant opening in Zurich, it already expanded to include fine foods, wine, plus a hotel business that has grown to be the biggest part of its family. With the portfolio for Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts blossoming, it was proper for it to refresh its brand identity to reflect the relaxed confidence, amiable efficiency and quality of what Mövenpick now stands for.

Bulletproof, a brand design agency from London, was told to create a visual identity, and it got inspiration from Mövenpick’s roots. According to legend, its founder Ueli Prager named the company after the sea gull’s movements, or what is termed as “Mowe” by Germans. The bird form became a constant to the company’s logo ever since. Bulletproof reinterpreted this same element and gave it a different depth and movement, for it to soar over a more modern and cleaner word marque surrounded by Mövenpick’s corporate colours.

A different service philosophy

A different service philosophy called “We Make Moments” is also going to come greatly to the front, which brings together core behaviours, values and vision of the brand to make memorable moments for its guests. These moments may include its brand signature, such as the Chocolate Hour, which offers that quintessential Swiss chocolate experience. With this philosophy, Mövenpick is going to adopt a different approach that centres on capturing moments of wonder, created by its team for the guests.

The Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts VP for brand and marketing Nick Bosworth mentioned that they are extremely proud of their Swiss heritage and that they needed a different identity that connects with consumers in each market, especially in a world which is beginning to be more global.


With Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts offering quality service and different suite rooms in Pattaya and other locations, its guests are going to truly see and feel its new brand identity and service philosophy.

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