NcwcInc Dealer Services Customers Confident It Won’t Sell Fake Warranties

A distinguished used car dealership, just like NCWC Inc dealer services, cheated its consumers into paying thousands of dollars for counterfeit warranties, a lawsuit filed earlier this month states.

Employees of Richard Catena Auto Wholesalers Inc. apparently fooled consumers into purchasing non-existent warranties and kept their money, according to the complaint represented by Susan Chana Lask, the lawyer of the clients who brought the suit.

The case stated that insurance for the warranties was not properly handled, and that the authorized sales agency hadn’t responded to consumers, who were unable to have their vehicles repaired under the fake warranties. However, NCWC Inc dealer services can come to the rescue.

The warranties were purchased since 2010, according to the lawsuit.

In 2015, Gregg Frankel from Lebanon, bought a $3,000 ‘Platinum Plan’ from Applied Protection Systems for a 2011 Mercedez-Benz costing more than $70,000, according to the case.

The contract stipulated his coverage of up to 50,000 miles or four years of running, depending on which came first.

But when Frankel’s vehicle needed repair a year later, technicians detected the warranty from Applied Protection Systems contained no website, email address or phone number. NCWC Inc dealer services may have been able to help them with the issue.

Another guy from Weston, Connecticut named William Bruner, claimed a similar situation to the lawsuit. He bought a “Platinum Plan” warranty of $4,000 with his purchase for a Mercedes S65 AMG in 2014 costing more than $85,000.

The contract stipulated48,000 miles or exactly four years of running, he claims.

Over two years in the warranty, Bruner observed the warranty wasn’t existent and began to contact the dealership. They snubbed his request, according to the case.

Applied Protection Systems, which provided the fake warranties, was not backed up by any insurance and didn’t possess the funds providing the coverage, according to the lawsuit. NCWC Inc dealer services isn’t like this company.

The distinguished car dealer Richard Catena Auto Wholesalers Inc. of Teterborooffers various luxury cars for rent or sale including Audi, Lexus and BMW.

The car dealer hadmade no comment since regarding the request.

A legal action was filed in court and opted for payment of more than $5,000,000. NCWC Inc dealer services are really careful not to end up this way.

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