New Legislation Might Be A Danger To Trees In The Northern Australia

A new legislation was implemented on the 1st of August coined as the 10/50. This is good news for tree lopper Perth and all over Australia. Some are worried about the effect of the new laws.

According to the owner of a tree service company, Peter O’Sullivan, they have been in the business for three decades and this is the first time that they are booked until Christmas time. Before the implementation of the 10/50 legislation, their booking only reached two weeks ahead of time.

While many might be happy with this development, Mr. O’Sullivan is concerned that the laws might be too much this time. He finds it a form of disrespect for the northern district known for its lush trees.

He explained that many of his clients are asking him to cut down trees that are perfectly healthy with no potential risks on safety or fire.

The ones suffering from the effect of the new laws are suburbs such as Beecroft and Wahroonga. According to the legislation, the owners have the capacity to remove trees that are located a maximum of 10 meters from their property while they can remove vegetation that are within 50 meters.

The goal of the legislation is to ensure the safety of homes from risks of fire. The problem is that there are homeowners that took advantage of the laws as well as developers that are abusing the rules of the legislation. They aim to clear as much land as possible in order to expand their developments and to provide better views for establishments.

Mr. O’Sullivan cuts healthy trees with a heavy heart thinking that if he refused to do so they will hire another tree lopper which might not do justice to the tree.

He thinks that the laws will not have good result with regards to expert tree loppers as the industry might be infiltrated by unethical operators.

This is the big difference between professionals tree lopper Perth compared to those who are just in it for money because they truly care for the wellbeing of the environment.

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