No Proper Bathrooms For State Workers Due To Plumbing Issues

No Proper Bathrooms For State Workers Due To Plumbing Issues

Despite working in one of the tallest building in Albuquerque, dozens of the state workers still find themselves without proper bathrooms no running water to use in almost a week already.

The state employees from New Mexico that are working in what used to be the Bank of the West building located between Central and San Mateo revealed that there are plumbing issues ongoing that cut off the water supply used by offices that are located from 4th to the 17th floor. Many of New Mexico’s agencies have offices inside the building including the Motor Vehicle Department, Tax and Revenue Department and Department of Health. All of these are owned by private companies therefore maintenance is provided. The total number of state employees that are working inside the said establishment is 160 people.

Many of the employees have resorted to reporting to the local news but are not willing to give on-cam interviews. These workers expressed their disappointment towards the continuing plumbing problem. Despite the bathroom issues and no water supply, offices are still open requiring them to work while using the portable toilets set up outside the building. Employees divulged how they noticed that there seems to be a problem with the water pressure before the Thanksgiving holiday only to find out that the issue has long been unresolved.

Estevan Lujan, a representative from the General Services Department of New Mexico, admitted that there is a plumbing problem within the building and this is caused by a broken pipe. Lujan explained how running water is still accessible from the basement up to the third floor with the help of stairwells and elevators. The state has already responded to the problem by putting up stations wherein employees can wash their hands and get clean drinking water.

The state has no control when it comes to repairing the problem since the building is under the maintenance of Lotus Office Management to which the management has responded that repairs should be done before December 7.

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