Mövenpick Unveils Recent Logo

Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, a global Swiss hospitality company, has revealed its recent logo and its corporate identity. It drew its inspiration from the brand’s origin, the contemporary and clean visual identity which reflects warmth and self-assurance, including the Swiss characteristic that radiates through its properties and staff throughout the world.

A new brand identity

Since the Mövenpick brand’s inception during 1948 with its first restaurant opening in Zurich, it already expanded to include fine foods, wine, plus a hotel business that has grown to be the biggest part of its family. With the portfolio for Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts blossoming, it was proper for it to refresh its brand identity to reflect the relaxed confidence, amiable efficiency and quality of what Mövenpick now stands for.

Bulletproof, a brand design agency from London, was told to create a visual identity, and it got inspiration from Mövenpick’s roots. According to legend, its founder Ueli Prager named the company after the sea gull’s movements, or what is termed as “Mowe” by Germans. The bird form became a constant to the company’s logo ever since. Bulletproof reinterpreted this same element and gave it a different depth and movement, for it to soar over a more modern and cleaner word marque surrounded by Mövenpick’s corporate colours.

A different service philosophy

A different service philosophy called “We Make Moments” is also going to come greatly to the front, which brings together core behaviours, values and vision of the brand to make memorable moments for its guests. These moments may include its brand signature, such as the Chocolate Hour, which offers that quintessential Swiss chocolate experience. With this philosophy, Mövenpick is going to adopt a different approach that centres on capturing moments of wonder, created by its team for the guests.

The Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts VP for brand and marketing Nick Bosworth mentioned that they are extremely proud of their Swiss heritage and that they needed a different identity that connects with consumers in each market, especially in a world which is beginning to be more global.


With Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts offering quality service and different suite rooms in Pattaya and other locations, its guests are going to truly see and feel its new brand identity and service philosophy.

How To Lower Oak Bathroom Storage Cabinets Cost

Oak Bathroom Storage Cabinets are some of the most preferred type of furniture among modern households. This is not surprising due to the many things you can do with oak furniture. Apart from its high functionality, you can easily blend it with other furniture that are made with different materials such as metal, glass and other wood types. Oak are also proven to be sturdy and does not deteriorate over time. It is also scratch-free and stain resistant making it suitable for those who have pets and children at home. With all the advantages of oak mentioned, who wouldn’t want to have a piece of it in their bathroom? If you thinking about buying a storage cabinet made of oak, consider these few tips to lower the costs.

Shop around

The key to getting the lowest price possible for furniture is by visiting different websites. This way, you get to compare prices and see where you can get deals that would give you savings opportunities such as free delivery, money back guarantee and on sale items. Apart from online shops, you can also drive to your nearest furniture shops to find out what is offered on sale.

Look for on sale products

You can also lower your expenses on Oak Bathroom Storage Cabinets by checking on items that are put on sale. Aside from that, look for items that are offered at discount. This way, you get the exact product without having to pay for its original price. It would also help if you would set a budget for the unit that you intend to purchase and stick to it. No matter how attractive the furniture might be, if it is beyond your budget, it would be wise for you to buy a unit that you can only afford.

Buy more

Another buying tip that would help lower down your expense on Oak Bathroom Storage Cabinets is by buying more from a single shop. This way, you save on delivery costs and you can even ask for up front discount because of the total amount of your purchase.

How To Receive A Drain Cleaner At Home

If you have already scheduled a visit from Fresh Flo Blocked Drains, Berkshire, the next thing for you to do is prepare for the actual drain cleaning or pipe fixing. If this would be your first time to receive a drain cleaner at home, it would be best to observe some precautions especially that you would be receiving a stranger at home. Here are some tips:

  • Before the scheduled date, free the area where the drain cleaner will work. Remove the clutters and other obstructions that might hinder an easy job performance. Drain cleaning can be a messy job. Keep your kids and pets away from the sight to keep them from getting exposed to germs.
  • Before you let the drain cleaner into your property. Ask for identification. He should have company identification with him including a job order from the company. Borrow his identification card and call the company to validate his identity. If the company affirms that the drain cleaner is indeed their employee, that would be the time for you to let the plumber in.
  • Guide the drain cleaner right where the drain problem is. Do not allow him to wander on his own for security reasons. Although reputable companies such as Fresh Flo Blocked Drains, Berkshire only hire trustworthy plumbers, you never know when good people turn bad.
  • Keep your valuables in a locked room. Do not expose the drain cleaner to your wallets, electronic gadgets, watches and other costly items. If he must be in your room, see to it that you can see him as he works and he can see your presence. This will deter him from doing any untoward acts.
  • Keep a safe distance so the drain cleaner can concentrate and work peacefully. Avoid unnecessary talks that would disrupt his concentration. At the same time, be within a close distance so he can easily ask you for relevant questions.
  • When the job is done, try pouring water into the drain to see if the Fresh Flo Blocked Drains, Berkshire was successful. Thank the drain cleaner and pay the bill.

How Pinterest Helps Home Decorators And Designers

Erin Treat is a resident of Durango and she admits that she is a frequent traveler. Whenever she wanted to have a remodeling project for her home, she finds it hard to squeeze in time to meet with decorators or choose among the list of vendors.

That is now a past issue, thanks to Pinterest. Treat shared that she now able to easily coordinate with her designers such as choosing the kitchen lights or picking out the floor tiling. She is constantly sharing pins with her designer Sheryl Lock who is a partner at the Handcrafted House located also in Durango.

Treat revealed that in Durango, they do not have much option when it comes to designs and their access to various vendors is very limited. With Pinterest, they are now able to search for the design they like and it is also a good medium of communication between her and the designer.

Pinterest was introduced to web users seven years back. Ever since, the site which is dedicated for image sharing alone has been used as a machine to create more ideas, it is a place where online users can hang out and kill some time and it has also proven to be a very effective tool for business people.

According to the co-owner of Mexican Tile Designs based in Bayfield, Jenny Wrenn, their business has been operating online 90 per cent of the time and only 10 per cent is done locally. She also shared how Pinterest has helped her and her partner in operating their business for more than three years already. Customers are able to find them through Pinterest and 20 per cent of their entire web traffic is because of the image sharing site. Wrenn admitted that while there is still revenue coming from Facebook and Instagram, it is very little compared to Pinterest.

All over Durango, many Pinterest users are suppliers of home improvement products, interior designers and decorators. They have found the website to be a helpful medium between the client and designer and it has revolutionized the way planning is done. If you are looking for a decorator in Reading, contact BD Decorators.

Rust Belt Pride Shines In New Buffalo Illustrated Map

Mario Zucca, a Philadelphia-based illustrator, has a strong desire for both map making and Rust Belt cities, and these came together in his current work, an extremely detailed map illustration of the Buffalo area which showcases almost all points of the Buffalo pride conceivable.

Points found in the map

The Mighty Taco and Shark Girl are there, even including a 2,000 foot version of Tim Horton that extends across the Hotel Lafayette.

Flying Bison, Sahlen’s, Talking Leaves, Caz Park, the Broadway Market, Five Points Bakery, Community Beer Works, Lucky’s Texas Hots and the Edward M. Cotter fireboat are also there.

The Buffalo News building also makes its appearance, located between the Mazurek’s Bakery and the KeyBank which was recently renamed.

This is the fourth map in Zucca’s city-based map illustration series. He started around two years ago with his detailed map of Philadelphia. Then, the maps of Pittsburgh and Portland came after.

Zucca has works in publications such as the Newsweek, New York Magazine, The New York Times and the National Football League. He said that he picked Buffalo because he has an affinity for the rust belt cities, coming from Pittsburgh originally.

Zucca talking about inspiration, trademark style and more

He talked with The News regarding his inspiration for his project, trademark style and the reaction coming from people on his maps shown in Reddit.

When asked about the reason he set out to create the city-based map illustrations, he responded that he was inspired by an illustrator who did an illustrated map of Brooklyn. It was then he wanted to make one of Philadelphia in his own style. That illustrator’s map motivated him to create a map for Philly then Pittsburgh, Portland and Buffalo.

In his commission work, he does many busy and crowded scenes with many small narratives throughout, so he applies that similar mentality to his maps. He wants for his images to be between an attractive art piece and a map.

For his other city maps, there were positive feedback. The people on Reddit were the harshest critics, according to him. However, he already has many assignments which are map-related. For him, it wasn’t his intended result, but it is a pleasing side effect.

When Should You Move A Tree And How?

When Should You Move A Tree And How

There are numerous reasons why you should move a tree. Trees can become quite big and if you plant them near your house, they would become a problem once they are overgrown. If you plant them near power lines, your tree would be likely cut down by your local power services so it would be to move them while you still can. Also, when you are planning to conduct a renovation on your property where you would need to move your tree because you plan to place something in its current position. Whether you are moving, or planning a renovation, it is important that when you move your tree, you would know when and how it should be done.

In a sit-down with Mark Tremain of Ark Fencing and Tree Work, he had shared a few helpful tips on how one could effectively move a tree. According to him, one should do the following:

  1. Gather everything you would need. From shovels to tarps or even watering hoses, it is important that you have everything ready so that you don’t get inconvenienced when you start the tree moving processs.
  2. Proper timing is critical. The best time to move a tree is spring and if you can’t do that in that season, then fall would be your next opportunity. Summers are the worst time to move a tree because the heat can greatly stress the plant.
  3. Choose a location. Pick a location that is beneficial for the tree, where there is sufficient sunlight, water and the right type of soil.
  4. Dig a new hole. When you dig a hole for your tree, make sure that it is twice as big as the rootball.
  5. Dig the tree with care. It is important that you dig up the tree very carefully. Make sure to start digging 3 feet away from the trunk. Once you are done digging, carefully place the tree on the tarp.
  6. Replant the tree. Drag the tarp containing the tree over the new hole and let it gently slide. Use the shovel to move the dug up soil back in the hole.
  7. Monitor the tree. You should water the tree as frequently as possible. The roots would have to grow back and establish a new root system.

How Packaging Design Helps In Building Brand Loyalty

There is abundant choice for packaging design but rule number one says that brands must be innovative so that their products will stand out in store shelves. Brands must look beyond the aesthetic appeal of packaging design because functionality is also important. For example, the growth of the convenience food sector is attributed to changes in lifestyle and habits so that brands have to consider how their products can be consumed while away from home.

The food and drink industry has remained stable and resilient even during the economic downturn. It is one of the manufacturing sectors that have surpassed the €1 Trillion turnover. Brands need to get inspiration on how to manage their convenience lines because customers are looking at premium ready meals that offer quality dining experience.

According to Sun Branding Solutions packaging technology director, Gillian Garside-Wight, shelf life is very critical for convenience trend. Products must stay fresh longer because of the health element at work. Packages should be flexible because some consumers are not likely to overeat and prefer a more realistic portion. When buying food products, customers usually want to see what is inside and a window or transparent lid can give customers the assurance that they are choosing something they like. In packaging, food manufacturers have to assess where to put the window to ensure that it presents the product in the best possible way.

To engage consumers on a more personal level, brands need more in-depth understanding of the packaging design for the food sector. According to David Luttenberger, the global packaging director of Mintel, brands need innovative packaging so that global customers will stay loyal to the brand. This is very important in this age where consumers have more choices for packaged goods.

A key driver for all brands is the need to meet consumer demand on the practical application of packaging design. Consumers are increasingly becoming more demanding and this encourages more packaging innovations. Paper Mart paper bags offer an eco-friendly and cost effective option for packaging. Packaging design can be customized through print and color so that it can easily catch the interest of consumers.