How Packaging Design Helps In Building Brand Loyalty

There is abundant choice for packaging design but rule number one says that brands must be innovative so that their products will stand out in store shelves. Brands must look beyond the aesthetic appeal of packaging design because functionality is also important. For example, the growth of the convenience food sector is attributed to changes in lifestyle and habits so that brands have to consider how their products can be consumed while away from home.

The food and drink industry has remained stable and resilient even during the economic downturn. It is one of the manufacturing sectors that have surpassed the €1 Trillion turnover. Brands need to get inspiration on how to manage their convenience lines because customers are looking at premium ready meals that offer quality dining experience.

According to Sun Branding Solutions packaging technology director, Gillian Garside-Wight, shelf life is very critical for convenience trend. Products must stay fresh longer because of the health element at work. Packages should be flexible because some consumers are not likely to overeat and prefer a more realistic portion. When buying food products, customers usually want to see what is inside and a window or transparent lid can give customers the assurance that they are choosing something they like. In packaging, food manufacturers have to assess where to put the window to ensure that it presents the product in the best possible way.

To engage consumers on a more personal level, brands need more in-depth understanding of the packaging design for the food sector. According to David Luttenberger, the global packaging director of Mintel, brands need innovative packaging so that global customers will stay loyal to the brand. This is very important in this age where consumers have more choices for packaged goods.

A key driver for all brands is the need to meet consumer demand on the practical application of packaging design. Consumers are increasingly becoming more demanding and this encourages more packaging innovations. Paper Mart paper bags offer an eco-friendly and cost effective option for packaging. Packaging design can be customized through print and color so that it can easily catch the interest of consumers.

Bed Placements That Are Bad For Feng Shui


For the many believers out there, feng shui plays a great role with how numerous items are bought and placed inside a home. Feng shui can be described as the art or science of reading the energy flow of a given space and determining the right placement of objects in order to secure good health and fortune.

If you are not a believer of feng shui, it won’t do you harm if you at least follow the teachings of feng shui when placing new furniture in a home. Bedrooms, in particular, are important in feng shui. In fact, it is believed that there will be no good feng shui in the house if the bedroom is weak or unstable. Bedrooms with bad feng shui will also have a negative effect on the homeowner’s personal energy. If you want to create good feng shui in your bedroom, you should first begin with proper bed placement and know which placements you should avoid.

Here are some of the worst bed placements in feng shui.

  1. Bed under the window. During the night when you are asleep, your body would need a strong support and protection so that it can work to its best in regenerating energy for tomorrow’s activities. Walls provide the best support and protection but windows are considered weak and lacking.
  2. Bed under a sloped ceiling. This would have negative effects with your health because a sloped ceiling constricts the flow of energy. Your energy will be in constant pressure and your body won’t be able to regenerate itself completely. Sleeping under a sloped ceiling would also have negative effects with your emotional health as well as having low energy.
  3. Bed close to a bedroom door. A door has a very active energy because energy is always constantly rushing in. Good bedroom feng shui is supposed to be gentle, smoothing and suiting and having a bed close to a bedroom door would produce unsettling energy.
  4. Bed under a beam. Anything that is heavy above your head will produce oppressive energy.
  5. Bed facing a mirror. The mirror is believed to suck out your energy during nighttime. It depletes your energy when you need it the most. So make sure not to place beds Perth in a position that is facing a mirror.

Making More Sales During Christmas


It’s the best time to do well in the retail revenue calendar and it is the time that will make or break for more online and physical stores. If you have not thought about capitalizing on the Christmas season, it is never too late to do so. Here are some ways to get more cash this season.

  • Send an email newsletter to the people in your database. Keep in mind that almost everyone is getting frazzled this time of the year. For this reason you need to make it easy for people to treat their loves ones. You will not only sell them something but at the same time give them warm feelings towards your business so that they will buy your products the next time around.
  • Create a gift shop guide in a blow which will showcase the products that you will sell. You can get clever and add some complementary but not really competing products coming from other suppliers. You can also send your customers a link to the gift guide to the suppliers that you have mentioned and ask them to share it in their own social media channels.
  • Do a little research on what bloggers place together in their gift guides and then try to reach out to them with photos with quality and also with a great story. Do not just send a link into your entire website but pick out a few products in order to make things easy for them.
  • Create a 12 Days promotion on Christmas. There are retailers on the market that share on their website different offers leading to the 12 days before December 25. You can create a discount on special products, gifts with purchase, free shipment on selected items or offer unique products that they cannot purchase in other times of the year.
  • Try to host a physical pop up as this works well especially in the days leading to Christmas. The retail giants Watson and Everingham are excellent in doing these techniques. They are also able to tap to different fans even to those who are fond of wearing Ugly Christmas Sweater.

No Proper Bathrooms For State Workers Due To Plumbing Issues

No Proper Bathrooms For State Workers Due To Plumbing Issues

Despite working in one of the tallest building in Albuquerque, dozens of the state workers still find themselves without proper bathrooms no running water to use in almost a week already.

The state employees from New Mexico that are working in what used to be the Bank of the West building located between Central and San Mateo revealed that there are plumbing issues ongoing that cut off the water supply used by offices that are located from 4th to the 17th floor. Many of New Mexico’s agencies have offices inside the building including the Motor Vehicle Department, Tax and Revenue Department and Department of Health. All of these are owned by private companies therefore maintenance is provided. The total number of state employees that are working inside the said establishment is 160 people.

Many of the employees have resorted to reporting to the local news but are not willing to give on-cam interviews. These workers expressed their disappointment towards the continuing plumbing problem. Despite the bathroom issues and no water supply, offices are still open requiring them to work while using the portable toilets set up outside the building. Employees divulged how they noticed that there seems to be a problem with the water pressure before the Thanksgiving holiday only to find out that the issue has long been unresolved.

Estevan Lujan, a representative from the General Services Department of New Mexico, admitted that there is a plumbing problem within the building and this is caused by a broken pipe. Lujan explained how running water is still accessible from the basement up to the third floor with the help of stairwells and elevators. The state has already responded to the problem by putting up stations wherein employees can wash their hands and get clean drinking water.

The state has no control when it comes to repairing the problem since the building is under the maintenance of Lotus Office Management to which the management has responded that repairs should be done before December 7.

For plumbing and drainage advice and consultation, check out Pro-Jett Plumbing & Drainage.

How Families In The UK Can Benefit From Nest Technology


Most homes in the United States use central air conditioning with the original Nest that adjusts temperature exactly at the source. Nest is an internet connected monitoring device produced by Nest Labs. Recently, the company has announced that its new generation “learning thermostat” has the potential to solve one of the profound problems in the UK which is the boiler.

In the United Kingdom, about 75% of the energy bills are paid for heating and hot water that powers the radiators or in-wall heating. An internet connected home monitoring device can control the hot water tank by adjusting the schedule when water has to be heated. It can also deliver a boost when you are on the way home after a winter walk or automatically save you money when you are not at home.

The gadget is 40% larger with a bigger and brighter screen with a new user interface and the capability to display a clock or target temperature whenever it senses movement. The program itself is extremely simple to use and it would benefit at least 40% of the people in UK who do not have a thermostat. Nest allows two-way communication between compatible boilers using OpenTerm to work out on how to maintain requested temperature by burning the right amount of gas instead of turning it off and on.

The new Nest has a brighter 229 pixels-per-inch display including a feature called Farsight that can adjust the display when you are just across the room. It can even be made to look like an analog clock, one of the features popularly requested. Like the previous generation of Nests, the new Nest can communicate with other connected products like those from Philips Hue, Bosch Siemens and LG through its “Work with the Nest” program. The system is now available at £199 with a stand available by simply adding £29.

However, before Nest, it is important to have your boiler installations provided through central heating engineers with many years of experience so that your property will be safe and secure. You are very likely to gain the best deals from boiler installations that you can trust.

A Guide to Choosing Your Restaurant’s Name


If you are planning to open a restaurant business, there are some things that you would have to consider. First, you would need the financial resources. You can either loan from a bank or find investors for this. Next, you would need to choose a theme or concept as well as developing a comprehensive business plan. Afterwards, you would need to be thinking where you want your restaurant to be. Then comes the part where you have to give a name for your restaurant.

Just like with people, names are also important to restaurants because they become your business identity, the name you would have to market heavily. So if you have trouble finding a good name for your restaurant, then you should know that the name should fit the concept of your restaurant, the food and the location. Check out these helpful tips below.

  1. Consider your location. Will your restaurant be located near a beach? A lake, perhaps? Or even a mountain? Know that locations are a great source for restaurant names. Their geography, history and even culture can be reflected by the name you choose to use.
  2. Think about your concept. If you have a particular specialty or cuisine that you are selling, like Indian food Perth or Italian and French cuisine, then why not use your restaurant’s ethnicity when looking for a name.
  3. List it all down. Sometimes there are just too many good names for you to choose from. If you cannot decide what name to choose, it would be best to list all the good ones down and try to ask your friends or family for advice. Remember, the name you think is good may not reflect well on others so a second, third or even fourth opinion would definitely matter.
  4. Do not choose complex names. Having a restaurant name that is too hard to spell or pronounce means people won’t easily find it online. Although they may sound appealing once people are outside your restaurant door, it would still be bad for marketing.
  5. Beware of trademarks. If you want to avoid legal trouble, it would be best to stay away from names of popular brands or even just taken brands. It will also give people the impression that you are copying your competition.

Perth Units Targeted By Foreign Investors

Perth Units Targeted By Foreign Investors

A lot of foreign investors, most especially those that are coming from wealthier nations in Asia are eyeing on the properties in Perth as a potential investment or addition to their property portfolio as the prices for houses in Sydney and Melbourne reach their bubble levels. If you ask investors and economists, Perth is perceived to be of better valued to the foreigners who are investing in Australia as well as to new arrivals in Australian soil compared to Melbourne and Sydney. The reason behind this is that the properties at West Australia are excellently created and their prices grow at a very sustainable pace.

Recently, in an article published in the Sunday Times newspaper, it did a story on the number of immigrants to Australia choosing to live in Western Australia for the affordable and accessible units that it offered the market. According to one home purchaser from Singapore, there is no more future in Singapore. Owning your own property is a very far-fetched idea in the country since the spaces are very small and that there is also a limitation of the resources available for the people. In contrast, West Australia offers cheaper prices and event the house is half the price as what it would have been had it been sold in Singapore. In Singapore, typically everyone has to reside inside an apartment. There is a small space only for the kids to play and to put up your own home garden.

An international sales director who is based on Perth, Vince Tong, said that there are plenty of foreign nationals who saw Perth as an attractive site in building and owning homes as well as a place to be a lucrative investment. These foreign buyers may never really actually see Perth. However with free-trade agreements and while Chinese nationals start to see more of the Western Australian products in their supermarkets, the public will feel a familiarity with the products. According to reports there are as much as 40 percent of new Perth units that were purchased by foreign investors in Western Australia. This news is also great for the home renovations Perth as more people will need their service.