UK Rental For One Bed Flats Increase

The rent for one bedroom flats in the United Kingdom increased sharply last month. This sudden increase was sparked by an increase in demand from the recent graduates that are renting near the area and are looking for bedroom flats as they start their first jobs. This is according to the research instigated in the place.

The rents for a single bed saw a yearly increase of about 3.9 percent from 2.9 percent in August. This reached an average of 1,054 pounds. This new index was launched in September. The index was the first one to track the trends in the rental industry of properties in the country. The cities that saw the biggest rises in the rental for one bed flats came from Edinburgh with a rise of about 12 percent, Swindon up by 11 percent and Southend on Sea increased by 11 percent. The index likewise showed that rents for properties with three beds saw the biggest overall increase in rentals by about 4.8 percent year on year basis. The figure showed a rental of 1,489 pounds.

Across the property sector, UK saw rents rose by at least 3 percent last year to about 1,288 pounds. This was the first increase since February when the average monthly rent price was at 1,277 pounds.  The sharp increase in the rental growth for single bed flats reflects that there is a buoyant graduate job market where people move in after they graduate and land their first job. Flexibility as well as freedom is the order for first jobbers and the one bedroom flats usually offer a very prefect shipboard in taking the plunge from a student life to a full-fledged working professional. The single bed flats also offer the perfect place for couples and young professionals who do not want to share a flat.

This upward trend experienced in the UK rental industry can be explained with the increase of job opportunities. The job market in the country is strengthening and the rental market as well is staying hot on its heels. Not only the rental market benefits from this but wall and ceiling providers like Crisp Contracts Limited as well.

Creative Uses for the Paper Bag


People have increasingly become environmental friendly. It is for this reason that plastics in many commercial establishments have not been used. They use instead the paper bags. The paper bags are much friendlier to the environment and one can readily recycle the paper bags. Here are some of the ways where you can reuse paper bags.

  • Collect paper recycling in the paper bag and then recycle the entire package.
  • You can use it as a gift wrapper. This is especially applicable as Christmas is fast approaching.
  • You can make gift tags out of paper bags.
  • Ready a clear area in your garden by cutting the paper bags, flattening them and then covering them with compost. This will kill the weeds and will prevent them from lingering in your garden. It will also ward off any attackers on your garden.
  • Collect whatever kitchen scraps you can gather as well as other compost items. When it is now time to compost, ensure to dump the food scraps and tear the bag in order to go directly to the compost pile.
  • Shred the paper bag and add it to the compost.
  • Shred the paper bag and use it in order to keep breakable packages safe.
  • Fold the bags and the next time you go to the grocery store, take them along with you.
  • If the bag is equipped with handles, you can continue to reuse this as a tote.
  • You can make use of paper bags in covering textbooks.
  • You can also line the trash can with paper bags instead of dumping the paper bag into the trashcan. You can simply throw away the garbage and continuously reuse the paper bag as your liner.
  • Get creative and reuse the blank side for your art works and projects.
  • Cut the bags and use it as a tablecloth while you are carving pumpkins and then leave the scraps to compost.

These are just some of the myriads of ways that you can reuse your paper bag in order for you to help in preserving the environment.

Free Shipping – The Favorite Of Online Holiday Shoppers


According the results of the survey made by National Retail Federation, almost of half of consumers will do their shopping online this holiday season. Consumers on average said that 46% of their holiday shopping will be done online. In 2014, the figures were 44.4%. One of the key factors that will influence buying decisions is free shipping.

Results of the NRF survey also revealed that 93.1% of consumers plan to take advantage of free shipping offered by online retailers. 46.5% of consumers also plan to buy online and pick up the product from the brick and mortar store. In an effort to attract online shoppers particularly those that are extremely price sensitive to the online millennial, online retailers plan to offer exclusive incentives, low prices, price-matching and everyone’s favorite – free shipping and buy online-pick up-in-store offers.

It is expected that consumers from ages 25 to 34 will lead the pack in holiday shopping. This group is predicted to do 54.3% of their shopping online. Consumers between the ages 35 and 44 years old will do 50.2% of their holiday shopping online. They will be followed by the 18-24 age groups at 48% with the 45 to 54 age group at 45.9%. Consumers in the older age group of 55 to 64 years old are at 42.5% while those 65 and older are at 36.3%.

Most online holiday shopping will be generated through mobile devices and tablet computers. Among those that have been surveyed, at least 21.4% will plan to purchase products using their mobile gadgets. This is the highest rate ever since NRF made a survey in 2011. 37.9% of consumers plan to research a product and make price comparisons using their mobile phones while 34.5% of tablet owners will buy goods using their device. 47.5% plan to use their tablet computers to research products and compare prices.

Many consumers will be spending money in online shopping this holiday season which makes a website an indispensable tool for online presence and brand recognition. There is still adequate time to have a website build before the holidays. Just visit Perth Web Design so that you will not miss out on the opportunity to make an online sale.

The Trends That Reshape The Industry Of Digital Advertising

People will know that an advertisement is effective when they see one but getting that particular advertisement to your target market at the right time is another art in itself. As the years go by, innovations are also emerging rendering the old way of doing things obsolete and opening new opportunities to reach your target market.

Some of the essential questions to consider when doing digital today are as follows: Where will the audience listen? What are the contents that will catch their attention? How will your company reach them? You need to understand that if you are not into digital advertising, you should enlist the help of professionals in order to get your business noticed in the online world. Oliver Wood Perth in WA can provide you with solutions in this matter. He is one of the hundreds of digital artists in the industry. As an expert in digital advertising, he provides with services in the various aspects of your online advertisement campaign.

In order to have a further grasp of the growing digital advertising industry, here are some trends that are shaping the industry.

  • Mobile video advertising. Over the years, mobile video consumption is reportedly to be growing on such a rapid pace. This avenue of advertising provides publishers with a unique way to reach their consumers. Between the years 2012 and 2013, the tablet and smartphone video consumption grew by a dramatic 400 percent and recently accounts for an overall 30 percent of all the online videos viewed. This particular trend has been assisted by the expansion of the LTE coverage. The increasing importance that consumers see on mobile phones has also helped in the boom in the advertising industry. As more of these gadgets penetrate the market, this will turn into increasing profit for advertising agencies.

Viewable impressions. Before, the digital advertisers were very much susceptible to fraudulent tactics. A lot of business owners paid for bottom of the page advertisements where no one even scrolled down to see. The so-called “click fraud” became a huge risk. Some people thought that they could run down their competition be creating automated programs that automatically clicked these advertisements. This dirty tactic became widespread in that bot traffic have caused the advertising industry as much as $11 billion last year.

The Benefits You Can Get From Installing CCTV

CA – September 14, 2015 – In this time and age, it is truly important to take your home security seriously. Most people prioritize the security of their business establishments and other commercial properties. You can’t really question why they do that since that is where they get their income. But you should also give the same treatment to your home since that is where you live and that is where you are safest.

A great way to add to the security of the household is to install CCTV cameras. Not only is it popular, it is also a cost-effective way of furthering the security of your home. These handy cameras offer lots of benefits to homeowners who incorporate CCTVs in their homes. Just the presence of CCTV cameras can deter thieves and people who have ill intentions.

Below are some benefits that homeowners can get from CCTV cameras.

  1. The first benefit they can get from CCTV is crime prevention. Intruders, thieves and burglars would have to think twice before they invade your home because they know they would be recorded and caught in the act.
  2. When something does happen and the security of your home is compromised, you can use the recordings from the CCTV as evidence or a guide to finding the culprit. The recordings can be given to the prosecution as evidence against a suspect. That way, you can prevent him or her from repeating doing the same thing over again.
  3. CCTV can help you keep an eye on your loved ones especially your kids and even the elderly. You know you can’t always be there to help them out or watch over them, but with a click of a mouse, it would be easy to find out what they’re up to.
  4. When you place CCTVs outside the home, especially in the front door, you would be able to determine an unknown visitor, should such a person will arrive unexpected. You may also be able to monitor high risk areas of your house.

There is without a doubt that CCTV cameras are useful in a household and if you want to further the security of your home, then you can purchase and install ADT Alarm Systems in your house.

Tips On Finding A Good Self-Catering Accommodation

Going on trips and vacations can be very fun but sadly, finding a great hotel can be quite difficult especially if you prefer luxury self catering accommodation. Fortunately, travel experts have recently shared some tips on how you can find a good self-catering accommodation in order to take your vacation to the next level. Remember, a good accommodation is critical to a successful vacation so be sure to follow the tips below.

1. Go for the things you want. Remember to take into account all of your wants and needs for the vacation when you are choosing an accommodation. This is important so that the accommodation you will choose will be able to fulfill and suit all your needs and expectations. Do not be tempted by beautiful pictures because in the end, they are just pictures and there is really no way of telling if they have what you are looking for until it is too late.

2. Avoid the things you don’t like. As easy as it is to know what you want, in the same way, it is easy to determine the things that you don’t like. That is why when you choose a place to stay during your vacation, make sure to take all of these into account. If you don’t like cleaning, then look for a place that will allow you to hire cleaning services. When you don’t like to be near the main road then choose somewhere far from them.

3. Consider your reason for the vacation. When you choose a place to stay, always thing about why you are on a vacation in the first place. For example, if you wish to hide away and be one with the nature, then a chateau or a villa in the countryside would suit you better and if you wish to be in another city, find somewhere suited to that.

4. Check for reviews. You will know if a place is good based on the reviews it got from former or past clients. Also, you can ask other people for an honest and unbiased opinion regarding a certain place that had caught your eye.

The Importance Of Environmental Sustainability In Packaging Products

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Paper Mart takes pride in offering that largest selection of packaging products that can be used for different applications. Most of the packaging materials are paper-based to address the demands for environmental sustainability. Paper-based packaging products are versatile, flexible and they can be customized to meet unique consumer requirements.

The most common packaging material used for spring water is plastic bottles however, there are many concerns regarding it sustainability, shelf life and product protection. All these issues are addressed by packaging that includes all the best features of paper-based cartons and conventional bottles – the Tetra carton bottle from Tetra Pak.

Just Water carton bottles are made from 53% paper that is sourced from managed forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. The single-serve water package is best identified by its square footprint and round screw cap. The closure and molded neck is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) but the container body is made from a six layer material that incorporates paper, low density polyethylene and aluminum.

Consumers can easily recycle the paper-based container as long as the community has carton recycling. The tetra top packaging does not have to be disassembled to be recycled in the United States. The tetra top is also designed to reduce its environmental impact. Consumers will love the sleek design that can easily fit into a cup –holder. It offers the functionality and convenience of a bottle that has the environmental profile of a carton.

The way that the paper-based container is printed makes it standout in the shelves. The fully printable body allows customization and a wraparound billboard effect. A design is first applied to paper before it is laminated through Tetra Pak Flexo Process flexographic printing process. The result is photographic quality printing making use of fresh colors.

Protecting the flavor and quality of the product is the major objective of Tetra Pak. The company makes sure that the paper-based container has no unwanted bacteria, chemicals or unsafe ingredients. The contents are protected hygienically in order to preserve quality and nutritional values. The non-transparent packaging also blocks ultra-violet rays from reaching the beverage to protect its overall quality.