Psychic Temple In Long Beach Renovated To Accommodate Office Spaces

One of the Long Beach’s landmarks is a Psychic Temple. This is considered as one of the oldest commercial structures in the area. The art of accurate psychic readings has been an industry that has gained much market through time. Many people are interested in gaining accurate psychic readings from experts.

However, this well known Psychic Temple is set to be converted into an office space. The people in downtown Long Beach aim to attract new businesses and residents in the area by redeveloping different structures.

The advertising agency, InterTrend Communications, is tasked to make new sophisticated improvements on the brick building located at 224 E. Broadway. The advertising agency will convert the top two floors into offices for different firms that will be interested in renting space. The top floors were formerly spaces for residents. The ground floor and the basement will be open for retail tenants like restaurants.

This old structure in downtown Long Beach has long been a problem for the officials in the city. This was originally purchased in the year 2000 hoping that they could have a developer who is willing to redevelop and renovate the dilapidated structure.

Since the Psychic Temple was an official landmark and that it could not be razed, it is estimated to have a negative assessed value of $350,000. This figure was according to the chief executive of InterTrend, Julia Huang. The company agreed to the officials of Long Beach to fix the property. InterTrend took the property’s title after paying Long Beach City with $1. Julia Huang said that the property was so dilapidated and her company immediately loved the prospect of putting something new to the structure.

JR van Dijs, Inc., a local developer, will be doing the makeover. This is estimated to cost $2 million.

The Psychic Temple which was a Romanesque Revival-type of structure was completed in the year 1905 by one named WR Price who was a former Baptist preacher. He is the founder of a new doctrine which he calls the Practical Psychology. The founder raised money from his members in order to build the grand structure which was also referred as the Psychological Temple. However, the cult members did not get along well and the leader lost control of his society. The building was then sold at an auction in 1911.

Experts Say That Bathrooms Should Be Cleaned Top Down


Gainesville Florida – April 10, 2015 – Bathrooms have contain a lot of functioning amenities and components like compact vanity units, toilets, bathtubs, showers and many others. This is also probably why bathrooms are known for their reputation of being the toughest room in the house to clean.

According to Steven Andrade who co-owns the Gainesville-based Fresh Maids, cleaning the bathroom can become very time consuming if it is not cleaned frequently. He says that normally, the amount of time spent cleaning a bathroom would depend on its size but the estimated time it takes a professional cleaning team to finish a bathroom cleaning job is about three hours more or less.

Andrade said that the first step to cleaning a bathroom is always the laundry. One should take out the shower curtains and all the cloth inside the bathroom and wash it. You can use a washing machine so that while it is being cleaned, you can start working on the bathroom itself.

It is important to go step by step or follow directions when cleaning the bathrooms. Having steps is mostly practiced by professional cleaning teams when they do a chore.

According to another expert, Leann Praigg, the co-owner of Merry Maids which too is based in Gainesville, every room has steps that can be followed but the bathroom is the room with the most number of steps and a higher difficulty. So instead of following traditional basic cleaning steps, one should clean bathrooms according to its direction, she says.

This would mean that the cleaning should be done from top to bottom. Start cleaning the higher parts of the bathroom like dusting the cobwebs. In the next step, it will be all about tidying up. The last step would mostly deal with soaking what needs to soaked and scrubbed.

For the cleaning products that you can use, these experts say that you can order cleaning products from the professionals but one should remember that the products and the tools that are use may sometimes vary.

You should also know that key to a successful bathroom cleaning is time. Make sure that you take time to clean everything from the ceiling to the floor. Never rush.

Little Boys And Male Adults Love My Little Pony

ponyzChildren certainly love My Little Pony Characters. A kid would be thrilled to wear a hoodie with Rainbow Dash. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has a large fan base who will be too excited to wear my little pony hoodie.

On the other hand, kids are confused whether to wear My Little Pony hoodie to school. Apparently, school authorities at Buncombe County Schools in Asheville, North Carolina responded to bullying by forbidding a kid from bringing his Rainbow Dash backpack to school. The bag seemed to trigger bullying and some kids are afraid of wearing their hoodies to school because they are afraid of being bullied.

When 9 year old Grayson Bruce told his mother that he was being bullied due to his My Little Pony backpack, his mother Noreen was outraged because she knew that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is sending a good message to kids. During the interview, Grayson reported that he was pushed and called horrible names.

After learning of the school’s position in the bullying situation, the family made a petition so that Grayson will be allowed to bring his backpack to school and for a crackdown on bullying. The petition generated more than 4,500 signatures. An outpouring of support was received by Grayson and his family and when the story broke in March, one of creators of show, Lauren Faust stood by Grayson.

The school’s stance has attracted the attention of media big names like Glenn Beck. He has encouraged Grayson to remain as he is and have the balls to be different.

Boys are actually shamed for expressing anything that is not macho. However, My Little Pony has a large male adult audience and the group is quite active in their online community. The group that calls themselves “bronies” has been the subject of a 2012 documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony.

My Little Pony is a great show with six important characteristics: kindness, generosity, honesty, laughter, loyalty and magic. There is no violence or aggression but the show is focused on girls. Anything that a boy does that seems girly is mocked and bullied.

Getting Tips In Paving

Getting Tips In PavingIn a landscape plan, the most expensive item in the list is often paving. This is also the most permanent in the landscape plan. Therefore, it is imperative that you give careful thought when selecting the paving material. You need to consider the style that you want as well as the functionality of the pavers and what the maintenance requirements are.

You need not worry about where to find the materials that you will use in your paving projects. There are various materials available for residential and commercial landscaping projects in the market. You just need to select what fits your preferences and also consider your budget. Paving materials are also very versatile products that you can use these on your walkways, patio, drive ways and pool decks. However, you need to keep in mind that there are certain materials that are particularly suited on an area. So before making a decision, you need to consider all the factors. Take for example, tile. Tile is widely used for paving pools but this material is not recommended in a driveway since it is not durable. Many paving materials offer versatility of placement because of the different unique designs. If you are having a difficult time choosing the right paving material and paving pattern, you can always seek the help of a professional.

Here are some tips from designers:

  • Consider the pros and cons when using bricks, concrete pavers, decomposed granite, tile, gravel and other popular paving materials.
  • You need to know the cost of different paving materials.
  • Understand the benefits when using permeable paving. This material prevents storm water from running off therefore replenishing the supply of ground water.
  • Do your homework on the different applications of decorative concrete which includes staining, pattern stamping and concrete overlays. Also study the different pattern arrangements for brick and pavers. Examples of pattern are basket weave, herringbone, circular and running bond.
  • Familiarize yourself with different paver colors, sizes and shapes that are available in the market.

Homeowners should collaborate with their designers in order to be satisfied with how their paving looks.

A Family In Detroit Helped Immensely By Homeschooling

home schooling

Abbey Waterman from Detroit made it a habit to list down all the things her kids have worked on, their successes and their current works.

She knew that since her kids are going to a public school, the teachers won’t have enough time to track each child’s progress and it is up to the parents to do that. With that in mind, she decided to keep on making the lists while homeschooling her kids because she does not want to add to the already burdened public school system.

Waterman believes homeschooling will be the appropriate way for her kids to go since they were brought up working together as a family. Parenting changed for her after having her first three kids and challenges came such as bad behaviors which does not suit them. It was then that Waterman and her husband decided to attend parenting classes and became much more focused in their parenting. When the kids were old enough to go to school, she decided to keep up with the process.

They have eight children now with ages ranging from 9 to 27 which make Waterman very experienced when it comes to homeschooling. She knows the value of homeschooling since it enables her to fulfill the needs and discover the interest of her kids. Her curriculum is based on faith while she use other supplements mainly things that is of interest to each child.

One of her daughter is keen in learning law so she went to find a program that will give her the chance to see the capitol of Lansing thereby making her aware of the process of the law there. Some of her kids loves science and she showed her support when they decided to go to college and major in Biology. Waterman revealed how they tapped on to every child’s interest and supplemented their learning and passion.

Homeschooling give more importance to the interests of each of the kids and opened up opportunities for them. They were also able to give back to their community. Along with their educational process, Waterman included church mission trips which give the kids the independence to plan and gather funds. In the end, homeschooling proved to be effective for eight of Waterman’s children. For information on home tutoring contact Bee Academic Tutoring.

The Risks Of Asia’s Nuclear Projects

The Risks Of Asias Nuclear ProjectsIn order to increase the capacity of harnessing power and efficiently distributing it to households and different structures, man has always seek for ways in order to improve the methods that he is currently using. Electricity is tantamount to better living today. Electrical services from electricians are sought out because this industry requires a specific set of specialized skills.

Today, nuclear power projects are a hot topic when it comes to harnessing energy efficiently. For years now, nuclear projects have not really been accepted into society as the most viable option when it comes to power generation. Nuclear power plants are said to be very complex, has exhaustively long construction periods and requires several equipments and technologies from different suppliers.

With the risks presented above, which is the most common in such endeavor? In a research conducted by Barclays, the delay in constructing nuclear power plant projects is the most common risk to these projects. An example to this is the one year delay for GII projects located in China. This one year delay though is much better when compared to the 5 to 8 years delay encountered in most European nations.

According to Barclays, a delay in construction for just a year increases capex by 10 percent. On a more dangerous note, there is always the risk of accidents in nuclear power plants. Although security in NPPs is tightened with technology sophistication, experts still say that accidents cannot be taken out of the picture.

Another thing to consider is the decommissioning cost when the life of the power plant has fully expired.

In a report published by World Nuclear Industry Status (2014), there are 49 out of the 66 nuclear reactors that are under construction which are way behind their schedules. The report also showed that all of China’s 27 reactors that are under construction are all in delay.

Barclays believe that for China, the project delay risks for the Gen III reactors such as Sanmen and Haiyang are higher. Gen III reactors that are in construction has a capacity up to 10.7GW. Experts estimate that the Gen III projects in China will be delayed by 30 months.

Entrepreneur Decides To Sell Her Expertise Instead Of Franchising



Baskets have a great potential for business that is probably why many companies are investing a lot on basket production and selling them to the public. There are many brands of baskets nowadays like Paper Mart baskets. But even with the number of brands, one thing cannot be denied and that is the selling potential of baskets.

In this age, one of the most successful people in the basket making industry is Elena Yearly. The 57-year old yearly has been providing various people from all walks of life with customized gift baskets for over a decade now. She has catered to children, corporate brass and even Academy Award-nominated stars with her “Nostalgia Baskets” brand.

Her baskets would sell from about $75 to $700 and because of that, she knows she has a winning concept.
Her contacts in the industry are vast and she is always asked to speak at basket industry conventions.

She has it all; especially with a business that is doing good and now the only thing left for her to do is to continue the growth of her business. But she isn’t doing it the normal way, in fact, Yearly has declined to franchise her brand. What’s remarkable is that she has chosen to sell her expertise instead.

She and her husband have been calling it the “independent owner program.” People who are interested in building a business and improve their basket making skills would only need to give out $2,500 and they will already receive eight instructional videos, a list of potential vendors and a small business support from Yearly which would last for a year.

Yearly says that why should they keep the business to themselves?
Since they have launched their program, more than ten people have already expressed an interest in it. The idea of paying for knowledge and expertise is becoming very appealing to people.

The only difference with being an independent owner and a franchisee is that independent owners pay for the knowledge. Yearly will help them establish their business but they cannot use Yearly’s trademark name which is Nostalgia Baskets.