Personalized Word Art, Canvas Pay Tribute To Manchester Victims

Art is a very complex thing whether we like it or not. But, let’s begin by defining what art really is. Art is a wide range of activities which involve the creation of visual, auditory or performing works of art. Art is generally used to express an author’s imaginative or technical skill. Usually, art is created for the purpose of being appreciated by viewers for its unique beauty and emotional power. You see, a work of art can create hundreds of emotions and in fact, it can even push people to believe in certain beliefs that the author is trying to emphasize through his genuine masterpiece. In fact, some of the famous artists around the world are now using their respective specialization to make their point about certain issues that are bothering the society, be known to the majority of the society. Have you seen some of the murals that were popping out in public places all of a sudden? That’s a unique way of protesting by using art such as personalized word art which can be very powerful especially if the issue being tackled down by the artistic work is something that affects people on a daily basis. Art can be used to show full support or to condemn an action that was done by someone like US President Donald Trump for example.

After the bombing at Manchester in England that unfortunately killed 22 innocent people who were only enjoying the concert of Ariana Grande, a collection of personalized word art- created by ordinary people, candles, mementoes and even hand-written messages were moved from the steps of the town hall to the two glass cabinets that were placed at the foyer of the Bolton Central Library and Museum. The said move was a show of support to the families of the victims especially those who lost their loved ones during the attack and equally, to condemn the said devastating bombing which first and foremost, affected Ms. Grande herself which made her cancelled some of her scheduled concerts. According to the people behind the tribute, they want to preserve every single feeling and emotion that people had during the horrible night. Among those that were put on display was a canvas art that was produced by 14 year-old Amy Bostock who was miraculously unharmed during the attack.  Her artwork featured honeycomb and bees. This is her way of dealing with the terror that she just experienced at such a young age.

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